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The presentation should include the following:

1. Narration (an oral component of the presentation)

2. 8-10 slides (including a Title page slide and Reference page slide)

3. Discussion of the purpose of your proposal

4. Discussion of the intended audience of your proposal

5. Discussion of your primary research methods

6. Discussion of your primary and secondary research findings

7. Logical organization

8. Effective use of visual components

9. Slides that are clear and easy to read

10. No grammar or spelling errors



Never again is numbness a legitimate motivation to stand aside and witness the adverse impacts

of cyberbullying. Rather, it turned into the duty of school workforce to shield youngsters from a

hostility from cyber bullies. It is done to guarantee the youngsters given an environment helpful

for getting a quality training. Disregarding the issue did not fathom the issue. Furthermore,

fearing abusing a man's rights to the right to speak freely did not take care of the issue. An ideal

way school workforce has figured out how to help a man defrauded by a cyber bully was by

teaching themselves, and getting to be distinctly proactive (Barbara C. Trolley, 2010).

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