Discuss any special considerations you may have for yourself after completing all of the various disease assessments throughout the semester.



*Please use question answer format*

Response questions (25 pts)

1.      (10pts) Looking back at your physical assessments discuss which specific areas of your physical health you could improve the most.

a.       Discuss any special considerations you may have for yourself after completing all of the various disease assessments throughout the semester.

                                                              i.      For example, you may know that you have an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes so you may want to focus on an exercise program that may help decrease your chances of developing such a condition.

                                                            ii.      Or you may have weight loss or weight gain goals, you may want to complete a 5k or marathon etc

2.      (8pts) Based on your results from you physical assessments and your current exercise habits classify your fitness level ranging from beginning, intermediate or established exerciser/advance. Discuss what a hypothetical ideal weekly fitness plan should include for some one of your of your current fitness level.

a.       You must include the ACSM recommendation for all 4 areas of fitness discussed in the text (See ch 5-8). 

3.      (7pts) Fill in the 7-day calendar below with a brief outline of your ideal hypothetical fitness plan. MUST MEET ACSM RECOMMENDATIONS

a.       You do not have to describe each exercise that is going to be done in the fitness routine, but indicate what area of fitness you will be working on that day. See Monday for an example








Aerobic moderate intensity, 30 minutes


10 Minutes



Rest/ Flexibility

10 minutes





4.      (20pts) Create one 30 minute individualized total body workout routine that you can do on your own with minimal to no equipment.

a.       Remember you are creating a routine for general fitness and MUST include a warm-up, main exercise set/program, cool down, and stretching

b.      Be sure to include the following

                                                               i.      The name of the exercise

                                                             ii.      The primary goal/focus/target of the exercise (i.e. strengthen quadriceps and hip flexors, Cardiorespiratory fitness, stretch/lengthen hamstrings)

                                                           iii.      The number of reps and sets

                                                           iv.      Brief description, Image or video link of how to perform the exercise.

c.       Use table below for formatting guide other formats are not allowed and will result in a 0.  Must use this format for warm up and cool down.

d.      Provide any and all sources on a separate reference page


Main exercise set


Primary goal

Number of reps/set

Description/Image/video link

Push ups

Improve muscular fitness in chest, triceps, shoulders

10 reps/ 3 sets



Improve muscular fitness in quads, hamstrings & glutes

10 reps/ 3 sets

From standing lower self down by bending knees until thighs are parallel with floor





Grade Criteria

Written Response

Exercise Plan


References 5 points

·         Follows appropriate formatting for written work.

·         Includes ample detail in responses

·         Uses proper grammar and punctuation


·         Includes all details asked for

·         Well organized and easy to understand

·         Follows described format


Includes proper APA citation of all references


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