Your task in this paper is to analyze a moral issue based on a case in depth.  The case for your analysis must be selected from the case studies in the textbook. It is your choice which case you analyze.

 a) Your analysis of the case study (2 pages).  This means you should provide a brief overview (strictly objective analysis) of the case and examine why this particular case qualifies as an ethical issue. Imagine yourself to be a lawyer who argues the case before court. Before doing so, you need to become knowledgeable about similar cases and examine the ethical issue as comprehensively as possible to be able to give a fair analysis. An issue is characterized by disputed points; hence the different viewpoints need to be presented fairly in the analysis. Also identify values that are at stake? 

You also need to perform research beyond the case study in the textbook. Find out as much as possible to allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue, why it is disputed (opposing viewpoints), and what the different sides might argue. Make sure that the overview or synopsis is strictly objective and does not include your own viewpoint. While performing your research, document your sources. You can save a lot of time later.  Please write the analysis in complete sentences.

b) In order to craft an argument why human beings ought to act in a certain way, it will be necessary that you identify the value/s and principle/s that inform your own future argument. Note: This part is informative of your plans for the final paper which will require your moral argument regarding the case. Look at the major philosophical voices discussed in the course (e. g Aristotle, Kant, Rawls et al.)  which potentially may inform your position. Determine how their reasoning may support your argument. Then select the most appropriate framework that seems to be applicable for arguing your case. Explain why you select this moral framework in a short paragraph and submit it in addition to your analysis. Dedicate time to study the position/s to gain a comprehensive understanding. Check:  ETHICAL THEORIES AND PRINCIPLES.docx and research the theoretical framework that you judge to be most applicable for your argument. Your instructor will provide feedback regarding your choice of moral framework for the moral argument in the final paper. Attached is the Case and Ethical Theories and Principles. 

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