Ethics Resource Center's 2013 National Business Ethics survey



Hi, I need help to write a short 1-page paper and here is the topic. What do you think is important for a “work ethic” in which humans do what is considered to be the right action? Use a hypothetical case in the workplace to develop your argument. Also below is the example of how it supposed to look like. "

Ethics Resource Center's 2013 National Business Ethics survey discovered that a staggering 41% of US workers have noticed unethical, and even illegal, misconduct on the job. These incidents were not all major acts of wrongdoing, but they could possibly have had a snowball effect. When employees watch their co-workers acting unethically without being reprimanded, they may believe it is normal to act likewise. It is very important and necessary for companies to have an ethical workplace culture. Michael C. Hyter, senior partner, at Korn Ferry in Washington, D.C. explains ethical culture perfectly "What it means to me is an environment that makes it easy to do the right thing and makes it difficult to do the wrong thing."

Many years ago I was a new employee in the automobile finance department of a bank. Part of my training was to go through a borrower's application for credit and either approve or decline it. If approved the computer system would assign an interest rate for the customer based on the information and their creditworthiness. Quite a few interest rates were extremely high and a couple of weeks into my job I felt uncomfortable knowing that I was approving those rates to go through. I made up my mind to speak to the Vice President for the Midwest region about the matter. I told him how awful I felt charging these individuals whopping interest rates, wouldn't it be better to give them a lower rate and make them customers for life? Was it ethical to charge borrowers 25% interest and possibly make it difficult for them to manage the payment, thus putting them deeper into debt? Wouldn't it say something about our company if we looked at our customers as potential referrals to relatives and friends, and not as dollar signs? The Vice President listened to all I had to say and was very sympathetic to my concerns. He mentioned that the borrowers were adults and were always given a chance to look over and ask questions about the contract. If they agreed and were satisfied with the interest rate then and only then would they sign the contract. Also, the bank took a chance in loaning money to borrowers with bad credit and charging a higher rate made business sense. After our conversation, I understood the position of the bank better and felt my input was welcomed. 

Meinert, Dori. "Creating an Ethical Workplace." H.R. Magazine, Society for Human Resource Management, 1 April 2014, 

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