Family Impact Checklist



Assignment Instructions Guidelines Read the material at the following websites: Family Impact Checklist (this is a checklist to assess impact of proposed legislation on families—use to help you understand the kinds of questions to ask yourself when considering impact of business decisions) Business Continuity Impact Analysis (information and more questions to consider) Impact Identification Now that you have considered the risks associated with the possible solutions you identified to address your client’s problem, you will spend this week identifying the impacts of each of those possible solutions. During this process, you may discover the solution you once thought was the obvious choice is now lower on the list due to potential negative impact to the organization if it were implemented. You have several websites to explore. They will give you different views of how to identify impacts, how to think about those impacts, and how to narrow your choice to the best solution, which will be the one with the greatest possibility of success with the least risk of negative impact to the organization. As you do your analysis, consider both short-term and long-term impacts and potential changes in the business environment as they relate to the problem and solutions. Remember to consider the stakeholders needs, the impact to them and the roles they play in the organization, and their feelings about any changes they will be asked to implement and/or accept. Read the material at the following websites: Ensuring Organizational Success and Progress Growing with Change Reassessment and Adjustment Reassessment and Adjustment is your opportunity to look at the changes that will take place as a result of your recommendations. If you anticipate these changes will be accepted and adopted, you probably are on the right path. Nevertheless, even if you are on the right path, you will most likely experience some resistance to change from somewhere in the organization. The readings this week address change in an organization. When you do your reassessment and adjustments to your findings and recommendations, consider how you may help your client address the issues surrounding the changes you are advising.

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