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making a good pitch deck based on my proposal paper? Please make sure it's in powerpoint with three pages only.  I really have to study for a test and pitch deck is also due on the same day? You can make a really cool looking background with nice looking fonts on the powerpoint and trendy. There are a few things you have to put on the powerpoint. 

1. (some kind of education-related  Image ) once you read the proposal, then you would know what I am talking about.


counterclaim from my proposal paper 

color alignment 

bullet points


short paragraphs

3 small paragraphs 

Executive Summary:

This proposal focuses on the freshman population and the desire to make their lives successful in

every way. Back at home, these young adults were protected by their parents from making poor

food choices, they are helped by their parents to navigate through awkward social situations, and

they help them to keep up with their schedules. However, once they reach the college campus

they are forced to make their own choices for which they are poorly prepared. Important things

like good nutrition, health, friendships, social skills, and time-management become secondary as

they try to navigate through a new world.

The proposal focuses on the creation of a course called “Fit Freshmen” which will address three

components: Nutrition and health, friends and social skills, and time management. Specifically

chosen professional staff will teach these classes. The course will be mandatory. Students will

learn to keep a calendar and stick to it and manage their time. Classes will include visits by

experts in these fields, and student visits to local sites where they can experience first-hand what

food and social experts are talking about. When they are finished with the entire course, they will

be prepared to meet their goals, live productive lives, multi-task, and tackle with success their

life in college and their entire future.

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