For this project you will be designing and implementing a system, in C or C++ to store employee data.

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For this project you will be designing and implementing a system, in C or C++ to store employee data. Your system should act as a database and allow the user to load in multiple tables of data, run basic queries on the data, and then store the data off for later use.

Additionally, sample input files will be uploaded to canvas in the Project 2 Instructions and Submissions module. Further, you will need to utilize the GitLab code repository located at You may access it from the website, the terminal, or an IDE of your choice. Remember while accessing the repository you must use UNT VPN otherwise you may not access it.

Also, as a reminder, all the work for this project must be the sole product of the group. You may not share code with other groups, or download solutions off the internet, as doing so will be considered cheating. If you are struggling with a concept or implementation, you are encouraged to contact the instructor or your TA’s for aid. 

Wiki For the wiki portion, the group must generate documentation describing their system using the wiki functionality provided by GitLab. The wiki must contain at least one page that provides a high-level description of the entire system and must contain at least one page for each of the major functionality components (i.e. if there are four major functionality components, there should be at least four pages). For the high-level description page, the team must provide a brief description of each of the major functionality components, how they work together, and some of the major data structures across the entire project. This information should not be copied and pasted from the project instructions. The page must also contain a diagram of the entire system, based on the one created during recitations. The diagram must be created digitally (i.e. using PowerPoint, Photoshop,, UMLet, etc.), must be easy to read and understand, and cannot a photographed or scanned image. For each major functionality component page, the student accountable for that component must provide a detailed description of their component. This description should have three labeled sections: a brief description of the purpose of the component, a description of how data was stored and maintained for this component, and a description of the functionality for the component. They might also consider including diagrams to more easily visualize how all of the pieces fit together. For the data storage and maintenance section, there should be an explanation of how data was stored and maintained in their component. What, if any, objects or structs were created to store data? How were they organized and managed? What types of formal data structures did were made use of (trees, graphs, arrays, hashes, etc)? 

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