“General Mills Inc. Revenues Up US$3. 9 Billion (Over Prior Year) For First Quarter”



“General Mills Inc. Revenues Up US$3. 9 Billion (Over Prior Year) For First


In a recent televised interview with CP24 News Mr. John R. Church, Executive VP of Supply Chain & Global Business Solutions and Chief Supply Chain Officer at General Mills spoke about the whopping increase in revenue for their company all due to one of Canada’s favourite brand Cheerios. He shared that their success this quarter was due to focus and discipline in executing the company’s strategy in Canada and he anticipates a strong finish by the end of the financial year. Mr. Church, Executive VP also expressed his appreciation to their loyal customers who have supported the Cheerios over the years. At the end of the interview, the CP24 News Editor was fascinated by the excellent results of the Cheerio’s brand in Canada asked parents to write to CP24 News expiaining why Canadian Mothers Love to Buy Cheerios Brands?

Your Task: As a parent/guardian write a business letter to CP24 giving two (2) or three (3) reasons Why Canadians Mothers’ tove to Buy Cheerios Brands?” In formulating your letter ensure that the 3’step writing process is used. Also, ensure you have referenced your work,

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