George Washington's farewell address was given in 1796. However, it is considered to be one of the greatest presidential speeches of all time, in part because it is still relevant and likely will always be relevant.



part 1
- 200 words
1.) George Washington's farewell address was given in 1796.  However, it is considered to be one of the greatest presidential speeches of all time, in part because it is still relevant and likely will always be relevant.  How can we relate this speech to what is going on in today's society, meaning, how is it still relevant?  And, are there any lessons that we can learn from Washington?

2.)  One of the more controversial things President Trump did was issue his executive order establishing the travel ban.  Based on your understanding of the ban and presidential power, do you believe the president has the power to ban people from certain countries from entering into the US?  This is NOT asking whether you agree with the travel ban, but rather whether you believe this is something that the president should have the power to do or not.  Make sure to explain your responses.  

part 2
- minimum words 450 words

Your analysis should show some critical thinking (using your own words) and you should make sure to fully explain your responses.  Please answer ALL of the following questions and answer ALL parts of each question. 

1.)  The Founding Fathers clearly designed the office of President to have some power, but not A LOT of power.  However, it is probably safe to say that the president today is more powerful than what the Founding Fathers originally envisioned.  Reflecting an understanding of the material presented in the module, how and why do you believe that the president's power has grown over the years?  And, do you believe the power has grown too much; meaning, do you believe the president is too powerful today?  Please explain your response.  

2.)  Generally explain the impeachment process and why it is very difficult to remove the president from office.  Also, based on your knowledge of the allegations facing President Trump and his possible wrongdoings involving the Ukraine, do you believe these allegations are worthy of impeaching and removing the president from office?  Please make specific references to what Pres. Trump has been accused of (you can find more on this in the Impeachment module page).  

3.)  As was discussed in one of the pages of the module, there is often a battle between Congress and the President over who has more power and who should the final say in certain issues.  Based on your knowledge of both Congress and the Presidency, who do you think does have more power?  Do you believe that our current government reflects the intent of the Founding Fathers to have a Congress that has more power than the President?  Explain your response.  

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