Health care system.



Health care system

Introduction:  In today society, public perception of the U.S. health care system is

widespread. Many people are satisfied with the advancements that we have made in the medical

community. Less than one hundred years ago, health care was non-existent. Today, it is one of

the leading industries in our country and worldwide. However, many people criticize where

health care is going. They believe that doctors are giving up quality care and replacing it with the

quantity served. This paper will describe the changes that have occurred and are occurring in the

US health care system. Beginning with the health care environment, we will see that although we

are downsizing some subdivisions, at the same time we are increasing access to health care by

providing a variety of different services. Next, the rapid increase in medical insurance since the

mid-1900s will be discussed. Medicare and Medicaid were created under the Social Security Act.

Since then, medical care to elderly and to the poor in our community has improved drastically.

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