Instructions for the Final Exam, The Master Budget for Hera Manufacturing




Instructions for the Final Exam, The Master Budget for Hera Manufacturing


·        Complete the Master Budget on Excel for Hera Manufacturing

·        Use the IF Functions

·        Provide a brief analysis of the financial forecasted situation of the company. This should be approximately ¼ of a page.

·        If observed similar analysis with similar wordings between students answers the question will be receiving zero points

·        Make sure that 1 budget = 1 page. Otherwise it cannot be corrected! Format each page!

·        Save as a pdf file before uploading on Moodle

·        The weight for the exam paper:

o   30% for Sales budget/ S&A exp budget/ Direct Materials budget/

Mfg. OH budget/Production budget

o   40% for cash budget

o   10% for Budgeted Income Statement

o   10% for Budgeted Balance Sheet

o   10% for brief analysis of company’s forecasted financial situation

·        During week 8 I will be available during class to assist with some help for the budgets 1 -5. No help will be given for Cash Budget and the forecasted financial statements.


Plan a head in life!





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