Internet Technologies within Organization



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Focus on the department or unit that you work in. If you want, you can consider the whole of your company. Describe applications of five of the above technologies in the department/unit/facility that you are focusing on.  These should be new applications and not those that are already in place.

To describe the application of a technology in your department/unit/facility, state the following (do the following for each of the five technology applications):

i.        The problem or the opportunity that the technology aims to address (max 4-5 sentences – clear and brief statement required).

ii.  The technology. Give a description (an easy to understand and brief paragraph) of the technology in question.

iii.How the technology will address the problem or opportunity (a brief paragraph) and the benefits that will result from technology’s application (brief bulleted list) in comparison to the present state.

iv.The challenges that you will face in implementing the technology (brief bulleted list with 4-5 items at least)

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