Medicinal Marijuana assignment



I need assistance in writing a 2000 word research paper in APA format for English 1200.  Research topic will be on the current medicinal marijuana usage in the United States and what the pro's and con's are.  This paper will need to use in-text quotations of varying styles along with 5 sources. Additional compensation will be provided depending on the quality of the final answer.  See below for specific assignment information.

For your Research Essay, select a topic which will best allow you to show off your ability to do critical thinking.  Take a look at the document called Peer Evaluation attached to the question. It will be a good guide for the standards of the essay.

You are encouraged to use your own insights, analysis, or perspective, but only after demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the literature. The research paper should not be entirely descriptive in nature (e.g., you just reiterate what the research shows) as this will result in a lower grade.

The length of the paper should be at least 1500 words, preferably more.

Your writing should display your thinking ability; the ability to understand theories, grasp complex concepts, discover interrelationships, and generate your own insights. Naturally, you should proofread your paper for grammatical and syntactical errors.

You should pay proper homage to published authors by citing their works whenever you refer to their words, ideas, or data. Your paper should conform to A.P.A. guidelines.

Although content is going to be primary, organization, spelling, and grammar are also important.

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