Punctuation and subjunctive mood



English grammar assistance Punctuation and subjunctive mood. 21 problems. Additional Requirements Min Pages: 1 Level of Detail: Show all work Directions: Punctuate the following sentences appropriately. February 14 2014 is Valentine’s Day and it is the symbol of love. Dave Parker is upset for PETA has been killing nearly as many animals as it has saved. The snow in Hampton was four inches so school was closed. The students were neither depressed about the school closings nor were they sad about being home. Many of them enjoyed watching the snow fall yet they dreaded shoveling it up. Some were fit enough to shovel all of the snow but few were happy to do it. They would rather watch television or they would prefer to make igloos. Furthermore they would rather play with their Play stations. When the snow came everyone was thrilled because schools were closed. Everyone was thrilled because schools were closed. People were excited about schools’ closing although they would have to make up the work. Even though the snow was only four inches deep the entire city closed. The entire city was closed even though the snow was only four inches deep. Active and passive voice Directions: examine the sentences to determine which ones are Passive and which ones are active. Make the passive ones active. Dorothy was grading the papers. The papers were graded by Dorothy. ReA ReA’s teeth were being brushed. Dorothy was brushing ReA ReA’s teeth. The issue was discussed. The couple discussed the issue. Subjunctive mood Directions: determine which sentence should be subjunctive mood and change the verb appropriately. If Hillary Clinton was president, she says she would change many laws. When Saint Leo first began, it was a high school. Extra Credit: 5 Points: punctuate the following sentence. The Clampetts consisted of six family members Jed Clampett the father Granny the mother-in-law Pearl his sister Jethro his nephew Ellie Mae his daughter and Duke the dog.

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