Students are required to complete a critical analysis of a product that has been internationally marketed.




Assessment Task 1: Individual Assignment – Critical analysis of an international marketing campaign – Cross-cultural sensitivity. (30%)
Due on Week 5, 11
th May 2020

Students are required to complete a critical analysis of a product that has been internationally marketed.
(i) Select a product/brand that has been internationally marketed and students are expected to perform the following tasks:

a) Explain the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ cross-cultural aspects of the product; and evaluate why you consider it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
b) Evaluate the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on cultural sensitivity theories taught in class.
c) This critical analysis should consist of a brief introduction; situational analysis/explanation, evaluation.

d) Conclude with recommendations from the student for enhancement or corrective action.


Introduction; Background of the company’s product/brand

- Description of the chosen company, product/brand, its history, vision & mission.



Situational analysis/explanation


- Describe how the product/brand has been marketed internationally in consideration of

cultural differences (in term of attitudes, beliefs, values, religion, aesthetics, dietary, language etc). - Describe the “good” and the “bad” cross-cultural aspects of the product/brand.
- Explain why you consider it to be “good” or “bad”.




- Evaluate how has the product/brand marketed internationally in accordance to cultural theories (High-low context cultures, Hofstede’s Cultural Theories, The self-reference criterion and perception).

- Explain how the company has applied the cultural theories in marketing their product/brand internationally.


Recommendation and Conclusion

- Recommend improvement or corrective action that the company may do to enhance their global marketing based on cross-cultural sensitivity.






Use Harvard Referencing Styles


Assignment Format

This assignment must be typed with the following criteria:
• Times News Roman font, sized 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Print on both sides to save paper (and trees).
• Length: 1,500 words (+/-10%). This word count excludes reference list, tables, charts, illustrations, and appendices. Marks will be deducted for insufficient length. Please include the word count at the end of your assignment.
• All pages should be numbered and stapled together (binding is not required).
• The assignment should also contain references from relevant books, journals and/or magazines. The Harvard referencing style guidelines are to be followed. Plagiarised work will be penalised.

Please arrange the pages in the following order:
• Assignment cover sheet for group assignment (see Appendix)
• Marking rubric (see Appendix)
• Content of the assignment
• Complete Turnitin report. You may exclude the list of references when you submit your assignment via Turnitin.
• Reference List
• Appendices (wherever applicable) 

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