Technology Upgrade Solution Presentation

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Technology Upgrade Solution Presentation

  • Different types of cloud computing solutions that include your recommendation for the best choice and why you made that choice
  • An Office Productivity Software solution in a collaborative environment and why it is important to move in that direction
  • The choice of a VOIP solution to upgrade your company to a unified communication platform by comparing choices
  • How you would propose protecting your chosen cloud solution from cyber-attack using current password and data protection protocol
  • Why and how the use of social media can ensure your company has a competitive edge
  • The pros and cons of change
  • The cost and benefit of making the proposed changes

Presentation Scenario: As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at your company you are being asked by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to propose a technology upgrade solution to move your company's corporate offices into the 21st Century. Once approved by the CEO, you will present your solution to the Board of Directors. As a tech-savvy leader, you understand that this is your opportunity to show your company how a cloud solution can enhance their ability to collaborate wherever they are. You also have the opportunity to make needed telephony upgrades, as well as the incorporation of social media tools into your company's work environment. In your presentation, you know it will be important to show the value of the upgrades as well as the competitive edge that making the changes will provide. 

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® Office presentation with appropriate graphics, an Introduction slide, a Conclusion slide, a properly formatted APA Reference slide and Speaker Notes that address the following:

I have attached a sample APA formatted presentation if you would like to use this as a template.

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