The article on Nancy’s Coffee

general article writing


need help in this assignment urgently, its a case study for my entrepreneurship class. please note that there is 2 attachment:

1 - the case study

2- the steps that need to go through it, step by step to get the perfect answer (must follow the structure)

important note:

1- you should start with a brief introduction about the case study from 2 - 3 paragraph

2- environment analyses (internal and external) should be added

3- SWOT analyses

4- problem statement (discover the problem and write it in the statement)

5- at least 5 alternative or more and must be related to the problem

6- for each alternative must be analyzed and what is the advance and disadvantage for each

7-list criteria with weigh average and select optimal alternative based on the criteria and must justify the answer

8- make a timeline (action plan) in the end

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