The development of new information technologies

computer science


Question No. 1 [2 points]

Think about the last piece of consumer electronics you purchased. How did you first learn about

it? What factors (features, price, ease of use, etc.) did you weigh before you purchased it which

of these factors was most influential in your purchase decision? Are you still satisfied with your


Question No. 2 [2 points]

How has the social change driven the development of new information technologies, such as

cell phone, text messaging, movie recommendation software?

Question No. 3 [3 points]

A. What is a search engine? Describe the two types of search engine.

B. Define in your own words what “the ethical point of view” means?

C. What is the difference between:

o Morality and Ethics.

o Relativism and Objectivism.

Question No. 4 [3 points]

People give a variety of reasons for copying a music CD from a friend instead of buying it.

Refute each of reasons given below using one of the viable theories (Hint: you don’t have to

use the same theory for each time.)

a. I don’t have enough money.

b. The retail price is too high. The company is gouging customers

c. Since I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, the company didn’t lose a sale.

d. I am giving my friend the opportunity to do good deed

e. Everyone else is doing it. Why should I be the only person to buy it when everyone else

is getting it for free?

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