The given program shown below implements a circular array queue A queue is a British term for a line of people waiting to be served

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The given program, shown below, implements a circular-array queue. A queue is a British term for a line of people waiting to be served. A queue can also refer to any line of items where the item at the front of the queue is served next, and new items are added at the rear of the queue. Information-transmission systems, like the Internet, have lots of queues, where messages in transit are temporarily stalled at some intermediate system node, waiting to get into the next available time slot on the next leg of their journey. A queue’s lengths the total number of people or items currently waiting. When the next item is served, that shortens the queue by one. When another person arrives, that lengthens the queue by one. A queue’s capacity is the maximum number of items that can fit in the line at one time. If a queue is full, its length equals its capacity, and all new arrivals are rejected.

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