The Green Potato is coming new to Limerick city by two head chefs, Pat & Millie, previously of awarding winning restaurants.



You are required to create a marketing strategy in the form of a report for new restaurant – The Green Potato.  


Company background:

The Green Potato is coming new to Limerick city by two head chefs, Pat & Millie, previously of awarding winning restaurants. Pat and Millie see a gap in the market where traditional Irish cuisine is merged with new age ‘healthy’ dining.  Their new venture will have two aspects, it will operate as a high end restaurant that can cater for up to 70 people, in addition a front of house premium priced deli that will serve home-made take away options.  They are considering targeting the health conscious person including a focus on the vegan market, who have a high disposable income. The business is primarily targeted towards the business to consumer (B2C) market but would like to expand into the business to business (B2B) market by catering for large corporate and private events.  



You will form a marketing agency employed by The Green Potato to create and develop a detailed 6 month marketing strategy. The primary focus of the strategy is to launch their new venture and take the first steps in establishing their local brand and reputation.  

The marketing strategy will have both strategic and tactical elements for a six month period. The strategy should consider The Green Potato’s overarching business objectives as follows:

1. They need help defining a clear target audience.
2. Increase brand awareness of services offered with the target audience. 
3. Differentiate their services from competitors.
4. Establish and grow sales


The budget allocated to the marketing strategy is 3,000 for a six month period.



The report should include the following:

• Situation analysis 
The market
Key competitors
SWOT analysis for the Green Potato
• Marketing strategy objectives
• Target audience
• Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Processes, Physical evidence) 
• Marketing campaign including 
campaign slogan/headline
campaign overview
marketing channels selected (rational for selection)
proposed content
• Campaign budget (expenses – cost of marketing activities)
• Implementation control / metrics and measurement


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