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Review the Luz Long Case below and answer the following questions:

  1. The bank argued that the policy was implemented in response to complaints made by fellow employees that the Spanish-speaking employees were creating a hostile environment by speaking Spanish among themselves in the presence of other employees. From an ethical perspective, is this sufficient reason to institute an English only policy?
  2. Is it ever ethically justifiable for employers to deny bilingual employees the opportunity to speak their native language while on the job?
  3. Might there be situations in which English only policies are necessary to promote worker health and safety?
  4. How valid are the five arguments made by the Plaintiffs as it pertained to the Disparate Treatment issue?
  5. Why should or shouldn’t the court consider the letter as powerful evidence of retaliation in the course of employment?
  6. Imagine you are a) the attorney for Luz Long and her Spanish speaking co-workers, b) the attorney for the non-Spanish speaking workers, and c) the attorney for the employer. How would you respond differently being in these roles?
  7. Assume you are a bank manager. Are there reasons besides a hostile work environment which might require an English only policy? (assume managers only speak English at this branch)

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