the project baseline



Pinto (2013) discussed the project baseline as a point to establish ongoing status of the project budget in controlling the cost of a project. In addition to cost, project schedules are monitored in the same way. In the business industry, setting a baseline becomes important in measuring overall project success. What are some situations that might cause a project baseline to legitimately be reset? As a project manager, how do you address the changes? What are some problems that can be encountered with milestones? Setting a project baseline is key to establishing a point at which to monitor and track project performance. Once the baseline is set, it normally requires an approval by sponsors or the project owner to reset it. This avoids the project appearing as if the plan went as scheduled when it really didn’t. Let’s dig into the discussions and talk about the importance of monitoring project progress! Should the customer be directly involved in project control, or in project changes in an agile project? How about a traditional project? How does a project manager ensure that the voice of the customer is incorporated into an agile project? Additional Requirements Other Requirements: please NO copy pasting anything. I will run it through so make sure no plagiarizing! I need 2 quality paragraphs for each answer.

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