Why would a person would choose to form or convert a business into a Corporation or LLC?



Assignment #9 – Alternative to Court Visits LIVE                                      

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Businesses that elect to operate under the legal protection of a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) are under STATE jurisdiction.

In California, that is administered by the Executive Branch of State government, specifically, the Secretary of State.


A)   Why would a person would choose to form or convert a business into a Corporation or LLC?

Now, look up (search) Empower UAV UAS as an operating business entity registered in the State of California, is it a Corporation or LLC? 

B)   What is the Empower UAV UAS Company Official State entity NUMBER?

C)   What date was this Business registered with the State of California?


Second, businesses that chose to operate under a name other than the owner’s legal name will fill a TRADENAME with the County Office of Public Records.


D)   CODE 3 Drone is a Trade name used in the local market, who owns this trade name in San Diego County?


E)   What date did the current owner of this trade name acquire ownership?


F)   What legal document evidences this ownership in intellectual property?


G)   Does it need to be renewed and if so when?


H)   If you were to sue the owner of this company, what address would you use to serve the legal notice of your Complaint?


I)     What is the best source of information to validate you are suing the proper person and serving at the right physical location as well?


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