7 Functions Of Marketing

7 Functions Of Marketing: Essential for Every Business Growth

Every business owner knows that selling their goods or services is necessary to generate revenue. Your company’s success depends on marketing, which involves more than just promoting your goods and services. Your team’s operations are influenced by the seven marketing-related responsibilities of financing, product and service management, pricing, promotion, selling, and distribution. However, you might not be aware that there are 7 functions of marketing, ranging from pricing to distribution.

7 Functions Of Marketing

#1 Management of Marketing Information

When we talk about the 7 functions of marketing, you should be aware that the foundation of functional marketing is reliable data. Data that is pertinent to your marketing procedures are collected and reported by a marketing information management system. This data consists of:

  • Choosing your market’s target

You must execute your strategy to a particular customer segment that complements your product and objectives.

  • Knowing your target audience

This is a very important aspect; to create a marketing strategy that resonates with your target market, you must fully comprehend their wants, requirements, and goals after identifying who they are.

  • Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

You’ll need to know your company’s internal and external strengths and shortcomings. Additionally, you want to learn more about societal trends and laws that might impact your organization.

  • Examining your rivals

Your competitive landscape is another element of your analysis that needs careful study. Learn your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, so you can respond intelligently and differentiate yourself.

#2. Financing

  • Let us now discuss one of the 7 functions of marketing, i.e., Financing, less well-known marketing functions, which are nonetheless crucial to the company’s overall goals. When people consider finance, they frequently concentrate on the initial costs of starting a new business. But in practice, funding is a constant problem for firm owners and executives, who must make challenging budgetary decisions every year and every quarter.
  • Though first, it might not appear like your marketing team’s primary priority is Financing, consider this: How will your department achieve its objectives if it is unable to get funding for your upcoming marketing campaign?
  • Marketing teams can prove their worth to the firm as a whole by contributing to the generation of additional income, expansion into new markets, and expansion into more prospective consumer bases. And as a result, it is simpler for departments to obtain the funding they require. In this regard, effective marketing management is essential.
  • Successful marketing initiatives also help companies obtain money from outside sources, such as banks’ loans or venture capital firms’ investments. Any organization, whether a financial institution or an independent corporation, wants to see that firms have a thorough marketing strategy that will assist develop the brand, reaching new markets, and generating substantial long-term revenue.

#3. Management of products and services

The objective shifts to successfully managing the product or service once the target market and price of your offering have been established. This entails paying attention to what your customers want and need, acting on those demands, and keeping your goods and services current. This is also the most important factor that comes under the 7 Functions Of Marketing.

To show what consumers want and how to produce the most refined product, extensive market research is required. When: Marketing teams may spot the potential for fresh growth

  • Talking to potential customers.
  • Carrying out a competitive analysis.
  • Incorporating customer support service comments into marketing tactics.

When this occurs, product development is stoked by market research. Your marketing team is the group that knows your target market the best.

#4. Pricing

Brands’ pricing decisions might be influenced by marketing research. Effective pricing is both an art and a science, and brands must identify the right price point that strikes a balance between how customers value their products or services, the cost of manufacturing and delivering them, and the prices of similar products currently on the market.

Marketing research clarifies your brand’s reputation, which also helps you understand how much your target market appreciates your brand. That’s on top of all the competitive examination and market analysis essential to choosing reasonable product pricing.

Consider a company that sells organic goods. If this company produces an original item, it may be able to set its prices because there aren’t any rivals. It will still need to monitor the purchasing capacity of its intended audience. If it faced competition, it would have to conduct an extensive study to determine the best pricing.

Apple mobile is a prime example of a brand that can demand a higher price due to consumer perception of the brand. The target market’s purchasing capacity and the promise of luxury are also reflected in the cost. Pricing is, therefore, a marketing function that can only be determined this way.

#5. Promotion

Every person in business should be aware of the concept that is Promotion. You must advertise your goods and services to draw in new clients and keep hold of current ones. It would be best if you adapted your Promotion messaging to social media, continued with more traditional venues, or used a combination of the old and new as the market changes. This should include local promotion efforts. Working with agencies that orchestrate SEO campaigns for Chicago businesses is a good example.

Promotion is typically at or close to the top of people’s lists when they lay out their marketing objectives. Every marketing department’s top priorities include increasing brand awareness, getting your name in front of potential clients, and enhancing your company’s profile.

Promotional techniques frequently overlap with other company divisions and awareness-raising initiatives like public relations and advertising. Promotion can range from content marketing and email marketing to social media, text marketing, and influencer marketing from a marketing standpoint.

You already know how crucial these efforts are to inbound marketing and producing high-quality leads. It is understandable why Promotion has long been seen as an integral part of the marketing mix.

#6.  Selling

  • You need to close the transaction after you’ve explained the value of your offering. Even if your sales staff might eventually achieve this objective, selling is still an essential marketing task.
  • Every step of the buyer’s journey should be addressed in your marketing plan to nurture customers down the sales funnel. You can target your material to each stage and employ diverse communication channels.
  • To sell your product, you can do various things like you may write blog posts to spread the word and entice customers to subscribe to an email list.
  • Before sending drip campaigns, you need to warm up your email account. The warm-up email tool will help you avoid spam and getting flagged as an important email.
  • After that, you can send emails to your audience that give more detailed information and direct them toward the consideration stage. When it comes to emails, don’t forget to use a DMARC report analyzer to ensure your emails are being authenticated.
  • To continue guiding them towards the decision stage, you may refer them to webinars or product guides when they eventually decide whether to buy your product.

#7. Distribution

One of the important factors 7 functions of marketing is distribution You might think that distribution isn’t a challenge for supply chain management. Yes, but whether you’re talking about physical or digital distribution, where you offer your goods or services and how you get them into your customers’ hands are equally marketing issues.

Understanding your target market’s characteristics, how they perceive your brand, and where they expect to find you are all marketing-related factors that must be considered when selecting the appropriate distribution channels. After all, you wouldn’t anticipate seeing a Rolex watch on sale at a dollar store. Those brands stand for two very distinct market segments.

Every time a new product, promotion, or campaign is introduced, marketing managers and their supply chain colleagues must coordinate for businesses to have their distribution houses in order. Good marketers will create tons of buzz during that product release or promotional event, raising client desire to the maximum.

Conclusion: 7 Functions of Marketing

These 7 functions of marketing must be understood by every marketer who wishes to succeed in the field of marketing. Businesses that use marketing data as a foundation for important decisions frequently make well-informed, wise judgments. They often better understand their company’s growth and future timetable and are prepared for unforeseen circumstances. We hope you found this article beneficial. 
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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a good example of a marketing strategy?

Making it simple for users to share branded user-generated content is one of their strongest marketing techniques.

What makes marketing strategy necessary?

Why is a marketing plan crucial? Simply put, a marketing strategy outlines your company’s objectives, including who your ideal clients are and how you plan to connect with them. It is your strategy and the roadmap for the marketing activities you will carry out over the months and years to expand your company.

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