Disadvantages Of Online Learning

10 Biggest Disadvantages Of Online Learning & E-Courses

Education is the tool that breaks down all barriers.”

You have already been aware of the advantages of e-learning, but in this blog, we will tell you another side of the coin by proving the disadvantages of online learning. However, there are some major drawbacks to online learning. Despite the fact that education is a vastly growing field, it has many disadvantages, which you will learn in this blog. From another point of view, traditional education seems superior to online learning because it has easy learning and accessibility. 

Apart from this, the traditional way of learning provides a fantastic way to learn in the comfort of a particular place at their own pace. Sadly, it falls short in various aspects. It is obvious to criticize online learning, which is not the same as a traditional classroom. 

Outline: The Disadvantages Of Online Learning

Here are the quick points of the Disadvantages Of Online Learning. However, by reviewing the points below, you can learn more about these disadvantages. 

#1. Limited Interaction Between Teachers and Students

Limited Interaction Between Teachers and Students

Daily interaction between teachers and their students is one of the major benefits of traditional learning. After the introduction of e-learning, the interaction becomes dissatisfied, especially when students experience a lack of their feedback. 

In traditional classrooms when students experience a problem regarding any issue then it can be resolved quickly and directly during school hours or during lecture hours. However, face-to-face interaction has a positive impact on the students and it boosts the earning process and makes it richer, more significant, and easier. 

On the contrary, an interaction between teacher and students doesn’t always work. Sometimes, poor internet connectivity, signal issues, and inappropriate expenses disturb the entire focus of students. 


  • Besides, the disadvantages of e-learning can be solved through video calls, especially during school hours. 
  • Set up an online forum, chat rooms, and communities
  • Enable Live sessions for queries.
  • Thus, the accurate and relevant solution might take some time to work in e-learning to make it successful and effective.

#2. Causes of Social Isolation in the Students

Causes of Social Isolation in the students

The E-learning method causes a feeling of social isolation in the students. However, this is one of the crucial points that need to be considered for the welfare of the youth. Besides, you might be learning in the comfort of your home with e-learning, but you will lack social interaction, which can lead to many problems.  

Apart from this, there are many school students whose school is the only primary source of social interaction. With the e-learning method, students and teachers spend most of their time online, which automatically causes social isolation. However, social and physical isolation can lead to many health problems, which increase stress and anxiety levels in a teenager’s life. 


  • Well, you can promote interaction even during online sessions.
  • Utilize a more learning environment.
  • Keep an eye on the activities of the students when they have signs of social isolation.

#3. Lacks in Quality and Less Authenticity

Lacks in Quality and Less Authenticity

The E-learning method has been introduced as a part of modern society that requires quality assurance and a lot of authenticities, but it isn’t the way it has to be. The schools which are using the e-learning methods must be qualified and accredited. Unfortunately, at this point, numerous e-learning platforms are completely inauthentic, and where all the materials are of poor quality, which the school instructors check. 


Well, the solution is simple: the school authorities consider the quality of their e-learning platforms, which must be followed to ensure the management system’s authenticity. 

#4. Increase in Screen Exposure

Increase in Screen Exposure

These disadvantages of e-learning lead to prolonged exposure to the screen. Thus, it also has the biggest negative impact of online classes on students‘ health. However, students have difficulty focusing on the computer or mobile screens for a long time. Apart from this, they are also distracted from other activities, such as shopping channels and social media, which further disturbs them from focusing on their career and studies. 

Moreover, there is also the biggest concern about their health which affects their poor sitting posture and eye strain just because of sitting for a long period. Additionally, it may also affect the mental development of a child.


  • It would be best if you made sure the learning channels or online classes should be short, interactive, and engaging, which helps the students to stay focused on their learning.
  • Also, you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor activity, encouraging the students to take short breaks from the computer screen to refresh their minds and bodies.

#5. Mainly focus on theory rather than practical

Mainly focus on theory rather than practical

Even though e-learning has begun to be addressed and fixed by some innovative and new learning platforms, the issue has yet to disappear completely. Moreover, this problem requires a large portion of e-learning which should largely focus on the development of the theoretical knowledge of the students. So the reason is that it is considerably easier to implement in an online learning platform than focusing on practical lectures. In case if you failed to complete the online assignments due to the burden, then you can find the Best Online Business Assignment Help Services

However, without physical classrooms and physical interaction between teachers and students can be used as a workshop and can significantly implement practical projects in the form of online courses, which might prove to be better than theoretical training.


  • Basically, you can implement hands-on student projects with the right mentorship.
  • You can teach and offer your students several online courses on different platforms by ensuring their authenticity and quality. 

So these are some of the most effective ways of developing practical skills in students for online learning.

#6. Cheating Is More Difficult To Observe

Cheating Is More Difficult To Observe

Another disadvantage of E-learning is that e-learning supports cheating. Compared to traditional learning, it is very difficult to observe students. With the E-learning method, students can easily cheat on examinations using their computers. The teachers can only instantly observe the students with a clear video feed, making cheat detection during online tests. But it is more difficult than traditional testing methods. 


There are various methods and technologies available to detect and prevent cheating. For example, educational institutions may use plagiarism detection software to identify examples of academic dishonesty. 

#7. Requires Self-Motivation And Efficient Time Management Skills

Requires Self-Motivation And Efficient Time Management Skills

Another disadvantage of e-learning is that online learning requires self-motivation and efficient time management skills. The lack of self-motivation is the main reason why students fail online courses. 

In traditional classrooms, myriad elements always push students toward their e-learning objectives. Face-to-face contact with teachers, strict programs, and peer-to-peer activities all help keep the students from falling off track during their studies.


  • The best method to eliminate this disadvantage requires the students to build strong self-motivation and disciplinary skills. 
  • Further, face-to-face communication with teachers can be replaced with online contact, and peer-to-peer activities should be encouraged between online students in traditional classrooms.

#8. E-learning Is Inaccessible To Digitally Illiterate People

E-learning Is Inaccessible To Digitally Illiterate People

Another disadvantage of e-learning is that e-learning is inaccessible to the computer-illiterate population. Approximately 96% of Americans have mobile devices, and about 73% have a personal computer. Thus, it would be easy to claim that online education is affordable to most people. 


Ordinarily, figuring out a solution to the tricky issue of boosting computer literacy is no easy task. However, digital India initiatives promise to enhance computer literacy rates amongst the overall population.

#9. Lack Of Development Of Communication Skills

Lack Of Development Of Communication Skills

It is another disadvantage of online learning. E-Learning techniques are highly influential in improving students’ academic knowledge. However, developing the students’ communication skills should be addressed during online lessons. It is due to a need for face-to-face communication between teachers, students, peers, etc.


You need better communication skills to get the solution through online lectures and peer-to-peer group activities. It is vital to succeeding in examinations. 

#10. Fixed To Specific Disciplines Only

Fixed To Specific Disciplines Only

Also another disadvantage of online learning is that it’s fixed to specified disciplines. All educational institutions’ disciplines are not made similar, and not all study fields can be followed through E-Learning. E-Learning grows to be more appropriate for social science and societies than scientific fields such as engineering and medical science, which need a specific degree of hands-on useful experience. 


For some fields, such as medical education, integrated learning could be an ideal alternative to complete online learning. 

Conclusion (Disadvantages Of Online Learning)

Well, E-learning still has a long way to go to work and replace traditional learning in schools. Apart from the Disadvantages Of Online Learning, it also has some advantages. But someone also has to discuss another side of the coin. While it lacks practical elements and increases issues like cheating in exams and accreditation. 

Although some of the disadvantages of virtual school would surely be removed in the future and could be resolved if the work was done correctly. Interestingly it is up to you how much you are willing to accept the Disadvantages Of Online Learning another side (drawbacks).

FAQs (Disadvantages Of Online Learning)

Why are offline classes better than online?

It’s just possible to understand a subject topic in a better way with the offline class. Also, the greater involvement and interaction are only possible with face-to-face learning.

Is online learning better or worse?

Online learning is worse than offline learning. Rather students gain more knowledge in a standard class. So offline learning is a better choice for online learning.

What are the effects of online learning?

The main effects of E-leaning are loss of motivation, need to study, self-discipline, no interaction, high-speed internet access at home, etc. 

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