Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Are you one of those who are making excuses because you don’t like homework? If yes, you are not alone. Many students don’t like to do homework. They think of it as a burden.

Student: “will you punish me for the thing i didn’t do?”

Teacher: “No, not at all.”

Student: ” Thank God! I have not finished my homework.”

Academic time is exciting, but it still comes with many burdens. Due to the hardships of life, not all students can complete their homework on time. To avoid getting into trouble, students make several excuses for not doing homework on time to their teachers. Most of the time, the same explanations annoy the teacher, and they can punish the student. 

Here we explain some common excuses for not doing homework. Read thoroughly!

Why Do Students Think Homework Is a Burden?

Homework quantity depends on the overall growth of the student. Too much homework is a hindrance in the student’s path. And they start to consider it a burden. 

Parents also agree that if homework is given within a limit, it helps the child’s overall growth. But today, students get so much homework after school. That is why they don’t even get the time to play and participate in outdoor activities. It affects their growth. They start avoiding them and make excuses for not doing homework. Following are the common excuses students make for avoiding doing homework-

8 General Excuses For Not Doing Homework 

1. I Forget to bring my notebook

It is one of the common excuses that students make. If it is the first time you didn’t do homework, then this trick will work for you. Many students forget to get their notebooks in a hurry. Normally, teachers trust students if they make this excuse. Remember, don’t make this excuse again and again or give too much explanation on it.

2. Didn’t understand the homework

Most of the students use this excuse. They said that they didn’t understand the homework assigned. So they ask for guidance from the teacher and try to do it a second time. 

Be careful when you give this excuse because the teacher will cross-question to clear your doubts. You have to act smart and read the homework once so that you have questions to ask the teacher. 

This excuse’s positive impact is that it tells your teacher to try to do the homework and get extra time to finish it.

3. Not feeling well

Another common excuse for not doing homework on time is not feeling well. This excuse is passed from generation to generation. You can also use this excuse to say you had a terrible headache. That is why you are not able to do work. It helps you to get sympathy from your teacher. Everyone understands it is hard to work with a severe headache.

4. Someone stole my homework

In school, stealing necessary things from other students is known to everyone. You can use this excuse for not completing the homework, and no teacher will scold you. He will allow you to complete it the very next day. 

5 Use the excuse of absent

If your teacher normally does not notice who is attending the class or who is not, you can use this excuse for not doing homework. You can tell you are absent on the day he assigned the homework. However, he will give you some more time to finish your homework. 

6. My pet ate my homework

It is also one of the common excuses for not doing homework. Many students use their pet as a shield to save themselves from the teacher. You can say this, I did my homework, but my dog tears into pieces.

7. Electricity problem

In the era of the ’90s, there was an electricity problem. It was the common excuse for not completing the homework. Many students are likely to use it, but your teacher won’t believe it as it seems like a funny homework excuse. 

8. Speak the truth

We all know we can’t always make excuses for not doing homework. If you try to make excuses every time, there is a higher chance of getting caught in your trap. Sometimes it is ok to do that, but not doing homework every time is not a good habit. So, try to do the homework; if you won’t complete it, it is a valid reason. It will help you in building trust, and your teacher surely appreciates your effort.

All the above excuses will work, but homework is necessary because it helps you understand the concept and improves your cognitive thinking ability. Teachers make sure they will not assign too much homework at one time.

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Following are the good excuses for not doing homework., it is such as;

1. Internet Issue

In this modern era, homework is based on technology. If your school also provides homework through online mode, it can make the best excuse for you not to do homework. It included believable excuses for not doing homework; you can use this excuse if you are not doing it. The types of internet issues arise at home, like the mobile or router’s internet not working, slow internet, damaged cabling, weak Wi-Fi signals, etc. 

2. Laptop or Computer Issue

Moreover, another best excuse for homework is a computer issue. The types of computer issues are system crashes, overheating, operating system working abnormally, and the computer won’t start, computer restarting by itself, update issues, frozen screen, slow computer, and system not working. Try this excuse if your homework is based on a laptop or computer. It helps you to defend yourself from teacher rebuke. 

3. Light Issue 

On the other hand, the light issue is the best excuse for not doing the homework. It is a good excuse for not doing the homework. You can try this excuse when you are not completing your school homework. It included good excuses for not doing homework during online.

4. Family Issue 

Moreover, another excuse to neglect homework or not do homework is a family issue. You can also use this issue. Here is the list of family conflicts included in the believable excuses for not doing homework.

  • Moving to a new house or country.
  • Separation or divorce.
  • Change in financial circumstances.
  • Traveling long distances to work.
  • Commuting interstate for work.
  • Birth of a baby
  • Family functions, etc. 

Other 100 Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Let’s know the other best 100 excuses for not doing homework; it’s given below.

Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework

The following are the best excuses for not doing homework; it’s given below.

Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework
I was absent. 
Family function
I was ill.
Given work is too difficult. 
Pretend you lost your homework notebook at school
Heavy workload
Family issue
I was out of town.
My computer is not working.
The Internet was interrupted and not working well.
Not understanding homework
The school diary was lost in school.

Believable Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Following are some believable excuses for not doing homework for students. 

  • I was sick.
  • My computer crashed, or the homework file got corrupted.
  • I broke my arm.
  • There was a death in the family.
  • I have too much homework in other subjects.
  • My bag got stolen.
  • My internet died.
  • I had a personal issue I was dealing with.
  • I was in the hospital.
  • My parents forced me to spend time with them.
  • Terrors took it away from me and ripped it up.
  • My dog ate my homework notebook.
  • Practice for School functions or competitions 

Funny Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Following are the main funny excuses for not doing homework given below.

Funny Excuses For Not Doing Homework
I found the homework to be not essential and uninspiring.
Aliens kidnap me.
My room is haunted.
My hand was itching.
A dog came into my house and ate my homework.
I fell into a giant pebble and ruined my homework. 
A swarm of bees attacked me.
I got soap in my eyes.
My younger sibling ripped it apart.
It just slipped out of my hands and blew away.
I was cursed by a witch and had to break the spell.
I did it but forgot it at home.
I drooled on my homework.
Terrorists came and attacked.
My dad accidentally set it on fire.
Teacher said to the student: “Why is your homework incomplete?”Student: My dog ate my homeworkTeacher: Okay, I guess I’ll have to email your dog.

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Following are the good excuses for not doing homework. 

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework
There was no light in my house. 
I was sick.
I was there for half a day.
I lost my school homework diary.
I don’t understand the homework.
Giving homework is too hard.
I was out of town.
My brother was bothering me.
I was not able to do my homework due to anxiety. 
I was busy with a school function competition.
Internet connection was not working properly.
I had a family emergency.
I was busy with extracurricular activities.
I needed to take care of a pet.
I lost my grandmother.

Excuses For Not Doing Homework During Online Class

You might follow the below-given points to know the best excuses for not doing homework during online classes. 

  • Online homework is bad; I didn’t understand it adequately.
  • My mobile phone or router’s internet connection was not working.
  • While the teacher gave the homework, my router’s internet connection was working slowly or interrupted.
  • My computer crashed, and it’s not working.
  • The zoom app was not working on my computer. 
  • I could not understand the homework due to a lack of face-to-face interaction.
  • I had physical health problems and high-stress levels.
  • Night filled with extra-curricular activities.
  • My little brother bothered me.
  • My father was out of town because I had no mobile phone.
  • I left the class when it was assigned.
  • Pretend to be sick.
  • There was a function at our house last night.

Homework Excuses For Strict Teachers

These are the best homework excuses for strict teachers, such as;

Homework Excuses For Strict Teachers
I was Sick. And I have a Sick Note.
I volunteer at the soup kitchen on Monday Nights.
My Computer Screen Broke. And here’s a Picture.
There was a marriage in my home.
Fever, sir or ma’am!
My stomach was in pain.
I had too much work at home.
My mother was sick because she helped me to do my homework. 
My Mother and Father went to Hospital. And here’s the Sick Note.
I tried, but I didn’t understand the Instructions.
The wi-fi didn’t work, but here are my hand-written notes.
My Hand fell Asleep, and I didn’t want to Wake It.
Left it at school over the weekend.
A close relative passed away.
My sister and I argued.
The teacher said: Why is your homework incomplete? The girl said…: Personal Problem, sir!Teacher: It’s ok! Sit down, and finish your work. 

Foolproof Excuses For Not Doing Homework

You might follow the below given foolproof excuses for not doing homework.

Foolproof Excuses For Not Doing Homework
I was too busy doing something more vital.
I was at football practice all night.
My parents kept me busy on the weekend. But I promise I’ll do it tonight
I forgot I even had homework.
I had a Headache.
I spilled cereal all over it because I was doing it over breakfast.
My mother said band practice was more important.
You give too much Homework.
The homework is too easy. It’s a complete waste of my time.
This was way too hard for me. You need to give me more guidance.
I lost the sheet.
I thought it was due on (Insert day).
If it’s an essay that needs to be typed: My internet was off.
Family problems
If the homework were online, things like “I don’t have WiFi at my house” or “My laptop froze” would usually get you an extra day on the assignment.

Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework During Quarantine

These are the following steps to best excuses for not doing homework.

  • I was suffering from Covid. 
  • It was just too boring, but I have an online class
  • I had a mental breakdown because of quarantine anxiety
  • My router’s wifi was down. 
  • I got sick.
  • I had family issues. i.e., my mom is in the hospital
  • My computer crashed.
  • I have network issues, so I didn’t see the announcement
  • Sorry, I couldn’t get it to load.
  • My dog pissed on the computer and tried it though
  • I had no extra mobile phone because my older mobile phone was not working. 

Reasons that show homework is important

  • Homework helps in the revision of the classwork

You will notice that certain key points are repeated when you sit down to work on your homework after school. School is not a place to restate old concepts; rather, it is a place to discover new ones. When you come home, you should revise these concepts again.

  • Homework acts like a bridge between parents and teachers.

It helps in making a healthy relationship between parents and teachers. Parents can interact with the teacher and also know about the teaching pattern.

If you want to know more about why homework is important, then click on this blog link 👈👈

 Case study: Know about the Pomodoro method
Getting things completed is quite a challenge for everyone. Isn’t it? We all are facing the problem of delaying, avoiding, or procrastinating. Ah! This problem is quite historical. Human beings have been procrastinators for long years back. So the question is, why do people procrastinate their tasks? Students also procrastinate on their homework. So is it our brain that makes us delay tasks frequently

Let’s understand the scientific point. Normally, time consistency means the human considers immediate rather than long-term future rewards. You can improve your situation by applying the Pomodoro method. Isn’t it a good idea? Of course! Yes. In the Pomodoro method, you must follow these steps-

Final words

We hope you find this blog helpful. We cover excuses for not doing homework that students use, but doing homework is equally important. Make sure before using any excuses; it would be best if you understand your teacher. Some teachers believe in your excuse, and some do not. If possible, try to mention the genuine reason. 

Though, every student must try to complete their homework. It helps you understand important concepts. Don’t make irrelevant excuses. So, it is better to do homework on time, even calltutors provide service for a term like do my homework for me cheap, so feel free to contact an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Excuse Myself From Unfinished Homework?

It’s good for you to tell the truth, and tell your teacher why you couldn’t finish your homework. A sincere apology can go a long way. You might say, “I am sorry, but I got behind on things and couldn’t finish my homework. 

What Do I Do If I Don’t Want To Do My Homework?

First of all, you need to finish your favorite work. Stay calm and listen to motivational songs. Take the help of your teachers or friends to finish the homework.

Can I Refuse To Do Homework?

Yes, you, as a human being, have the freedom to refuse to do something like homework. But to refuse the homework, ensure first why you are refusing it and the reason behind it.

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