Step by Step Guide on How to Cite Websites in APA

In this blog, we are going to share with you the step by step guide on how to cite websites in APA format. Let’s start:-

What is the Website in APA?

The citations from the APA website are often the author, the date of publication, the page or article title, and the URL. Besides this, if there are no authors present in the content, begin the citation by the article title. Use a domain scanner to check if there are any technical issues available so that you can resolve them beforehand. Improving a date of retrieval if a page is likely to change over time. If you are citing an online version of a print publication, for example, a magazine or newspaper. Utilize a similar format as you would for print by a URL added at the end.

Citing an entire Websites in APA

As soon as you refer to a website in your text without paraphrasing or quoting from a precise part of it, you do not require a formal citation. As an alternative, you be able to consist of the URL in comments later the name of the site:

Instagram (, it is the most important as well as popular media sites because users to share videos and images.

For these kinds of citation, you do not need to comprise the website on the reference page. Alternatively, if you are citing a definite page or article from a website, formal in-text citation and reference list entry, you will need.

How to cite Websites with no author in APA style

Any author does not list by a webpage in APA, the title of the page or article replaced by the name of the author. Therefore, the title is included in the citation in the text and reduced to the first few words if it is appropriate

Format Article Title. (Year, month day). Retrieved from URL

Example Australia fires ‘Catastrophic’ alerts in South Australia and Victoria. (2019, November 11). Retrieved from

In-text citation (“Australia fires,” 2019).

If the source is recognized to an exact company or organization, you must utilize this, such as the author’s name in its place.

Important features for citing the Websites in APA

  • Do not use the copyright date for the specific content/documents on the web page as the publication date.
  • If many dates are given, you can use the most current date on which the content was altered (or revised or updated). Besides this, a review date has not to be used, such as this implies that the information was not improved.
  • If mentioning to over-all information (that is improbable to change) on the web page. Then make use of publication date as an alternative of copyright date.

How to cite the website’s in-text citation in APA 

  • At what time citing a whole website in APA Style, so that in-text citation be made up of the last name of authors and year of publication. For instance: (Joe & John, 2015).
  • The important point is that the author can also be an association. For instance: (American Psychological Association, 2019).
  • From the time when web pages do not have page numbers. You do not comprise a locator in the in-text citation.

Importance of citing Website in APA

  • APA is the American Psychological Association, which is one of the most extensively used styles inside the social sciences with the aim of citing a number of sources. 
  • The requirements for APA citations shall be checked in the 6th APA Manual.
  • It provides the in-text citation and reference page with a general format.
  • The APA referencing style mostly contains two components: in-text citations all through the assignment and a reference list at the end of the assignment.

Example of how to cite Website in APA

The example given below helps you make a correct quote for your APA website.


Author, A. (Year, Publication Month, and Date). Title of Article. Retrieved from URL.


David, S. (2014, February 6). The XYZ. Retrieved from (sample)

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It is common for writers to have numerous entries by the same author as well as the year. Consequently, to distinguish these entries, usage a letter later the year. The above information on how to cite a website in APA format is helpful for the students. 

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