How To Make School Go By Faster

10 Best Ways How To Make School Go By Faster

According to the National Center for Education Research (NCER) Survey & Study, 80% of students become bored and less creative. Also, they found students had “stunted behavioral and socioemotional development.”

After the pandemic, most students try to make their time go faster in school. They want school to go by fast in 2023. The reason is that students usually have boring routines that consist of long periods. So, the students need to spend their time sitting in the classroom.

Despite this, most students want to try different things to make time go faster in school to become more creative in their life. On the other hand, some students try to pass the time by looking at the clock, and others try doing some activities.

But these are only a few ways. Still, most students struggle a lot to find the most creative ways how to make school go by faster in 2023. Help desk software for schools can make the entire educational process simpler. You can use it to aid with administrative activities, find answers to questions about classes, fees, lodging, and many other things.

Let’s have a look at these ways one by one.

Importance Of How To Make Time Go Faster At School

Following are the main importance of how to make school go by faster with some attractive ways.

  • The first main importance of how to make the class go by faster is that students become more creative and innovative. They will engage in other extracurricular activities, too, despite studying.
  • Also, the students get more time for their self-studies, which helps them get high marks in school. 
  • The main importance of making the school faster is that they find the time for sports games, fun games, and their family too.
  • Students can also learn some musical instruments, various types of dance or singing, and other fun activities for their enjoyment.
  • Students get enough time for their school homework and assignments. It is another main importance of how to make time go faster at school is that students. 
  • Lastly, students get more sleep at both ends of the day, reduce stress levels, have time to travel, etc.

How to Make School Go By Faster

These are the highly effective and well-tested ways on how to make school go by faster. Most of the students apply to them and have great results in terms of their performance.

1. Time Management

Time Management

Time management is the key for every student. Most of the students are not good at time management. That is why they don’t know how to utilize their time in school. As a result, they found that most of their time is free and they have nothing to do.

In this way, they found the school time too long to get bored. Let’s have a quick example. Most students try to do their homework at the last minute, just before the end of the school day in their free time. And it does not make it easier for them to utilize their time. Teachers can make schedules, assign tasks to students, and monitor their development all day long using the school management software.

Apart from that, you need to do some extracurricular activities. Therefore, it is quite important to do time management for all the other activities that you need to do in school. If you have a long break in school, then you can not just complete your homework on time but also get enough time to do some other activities.

For this, you need to be good at time management. A psychology study already proved that if we keep ourselves busy, then time automatically goes faster.

2. Don’t Look at the Clock

2. Don’t Look at the Clock

It is one of the worst things done by students. The majority of students always stare at the clock on the classroom wall while sitting in that boring class. But it is not a good approach to how to make school go by faster.

You need to train yourself not to look at the clock often. Although, if you can track your time, then it is always a plus point for the student. Likewise, we mentioned earlier that time management is the key. Therefore, the students should track their time.

But looking at the clock will not work for them anyhow. It also wastes their time and gets them into boredom. To track your time, you can use a stopwatch or other time-keeping devices that can help you manage your time.

3. Do Some Activities

3. Do Some Activities

You can also do some activities to make school go by faster. Always try to find some good activities. You can pick a moderately challenging project to work on in your free time each week in the class. Remember that the project should not be long enough; it should be finished within your semester session.

You can pick any of the methods to do in your free time. Likewise, if you are good at writing, then you can start creative writing in your free time. If you have nothing in your mind but you are good at sketching, then you can start doodling in the gaps of your notebook.

Likewise, if you are studying history, then you can sketch the ancient places. Apart from that, you can also create charts while studying math in class. You can create abstract shapes, make a cartoon or anything you can draw.

A recent study proved that notes full of creativity tend to be more effective for students to revise their concepts than text-based simple notes. Do these activities in your free time at school; don’t try to finish them off on your weekends or after school.

4. Study Buddy

4. Study Buddy

Although we have many friends in school, we need to pick those friends who can study with us. It means that we need to pick those friends who can be our study buddies for an entire semester. Don’t force them to study with you.

Create a plan to study with them in your free time. The plan will help you to create an attainable goal and might help you all to improve your grades without giving extra time to your studies. Apart from that, you will also have a better command and understanding of the concepts.

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5. Join the Weekly Club Activity

5. Join the Weekly Club Activity

Most of the time, the students get lots of spare time. They can utilize this time by joining a weekly club activity. As you are aware, most schools provide students with extracurricular activities.

You can try walking, basketball, and some other sports. You can either pick in-door games or out-of-door games. It totally depends on your interest and energy level. You should avoid sports that make you sluggish because you need energy to get to class.

If you don’t have any interest in sports, then you can also go to the library and start reading books on different subjects as per your taste. It will help you to learn something new and keep your mind engaged. You can read a beauty magazine or a comic book, choose a decent novel, memoir, or work of nonfiction, and a few others.

You can also try to make rhymes and raps in your free time. All these activities are not just the best ways on how to make school go by faster. But it will also help you to learn something new and explore more of the world.

6. Listen Actively And Take Notes

6. Listen Actively And Take Notes

It is a bitter truth that most of the courses are not boring. But the students make them boring because they are not active listeners. Therefore, they miss most of the crucial points in the concepts and don’t show enough interest in the class.

But when you show some interest in the content, then you will find that the class time is going quite faster than you expected. If you want to show more interest, then you can start taking notes.

For this, you need to be attentive and put more focus on what the teacher says while describing the concept. If you keep your brain busy with all these activities, then you will surely enjoy the concept.

7. Interact in Class and Ask Questions

7. Interact in Class and Ask Questions

The majority of students get bored because they interact in class. It means that most of the students avoid interaction in the class and try to be by themselves. Therefore, they find it quite hard to make their school time go faster.

In a recent study, it was shown that students who ask questions and do some interaction within the class often tend to be more successful in their academics and life. Therefore, you need to ask questions and raise your hand to participate in the class.

If you just sit in the class twiddling your thumbs, then the class will go on for a long time. But if you try to find the best ways to contribute in class or do some engagement, then your school time will go faster than ever before. Apart from that, asking your doubts also helps you to clear them in real time.

Ultimately, you will remember the concepts and perform well in your school. Don’t try to ask random questions because it can have a negative impact on your teacher’s mind about you. Just try to ask the questions related to the concepts, whether they are well formatted or not.

8. Complete Homework for Another Class

8. Complete Homework for Another Class

It is the best way to complete your homework for another class. It is quite hard to concentrate on math homework, but you can do easy homework in your free time within your class. Don’t pay more attention to your homework alone; you need to attend the class to learn new concepts.

You should create the notes for your current class and divide your free time to focus on your homework. Don’t get confused between your current class and the homework you need to do. First, wait for the class to finish talking about the ideas, and then start or continue your homework.

9. Daydream


Most people suggest that you don’t daydream. But do you think it is beneficial for you to not daydream? The answer is that it is not bad to daydream. It is a great way on how to make school go by faster.

The reason for this is that if you do, your thoughts will wander and form a story in your head. Your brain will start enjoying the time and it will go faster. Everyone is good at daydreaming, isn’t it? Yes, it is. Most of us consider ourselves superheroes with some supernatural powers.

Aside from that, you can fantasize about rescuing your classmates and schoolmates from terrorists. Daydreaming will not boost your performance in the class. But you will keep your brain entertained and you will not get bored.

It is not the best option for how to make school go by faster. It is only applicable if you are not in the mood to do anything other than daydream. A psychological study proves that students who daydream often are more likely to be creative than others.

10. Ask for a Break

10. Ask for a Break

If you really want to make your school day go faster, nothing can be better than this method. It is a method that requires zero effort, and your school time will go faster. So what is it? You can ask your teacher to have short breaks either for water or for the toilet.

It gives you multiple advantages, such as a mental break as well as a physical break. On average, you get a break of at least 5 minutes, and in this time you can move around the school and do some stretching. With this, your brand gains a refocus on the subject matter.

You should not ask for breaks every day and for every period. You should try this on the basis of a weekday. Likewise, if you took a break on Monday, try to take a break on Wednesday or Thursday. Apart from that, if you take a break in the 2nd period, then you can take a break in the 7th period.

Wrap Up

These are the best ways on how to make school go by faster. Don’t rely on a specific method because it won’t work for you and you will get bored. Therefore, you should pick a combination of these methods.

Use these methods as per your current situation. Because all these ways are applicable based on some specific situations, so be smart and observe how to make school go by faster. If you have any other suggestions for me, then please comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do school days feel so long?

School days take so long because there is so much to do, and you have to have recess, lunch, another recess, and a snack.

Why is 100 days of school a thing?

It represents the year’s central point and a vital time for setting new plans and aligning again with a fresh outlook.

Who made school 180 days?

The 180 days of school time describes the collaboration of two master teachers, they are Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle.

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