Step by Step Guide on How to Write A Compare And Contrast Essay

In this blog, we are going to share with you how to write a compare and contrast essay. Let’s get started:-

What is a compare and contrast essay?

A compare and contrast essay refers to the similarities and significant differences of more than two objects. It is one of the most common methods of essay writing assignments for students. 

Students will need to find out the key points between more than two subjects for compare and contrast essays that will make the comparative analysis on and then evaluate the similarities and differences between those significant points.

A compare and contrast essay shows the similarities and differences between two topics such as

  • Comparing: Defines the similarities between the two subjects.
  • Contrasting: Defines the differences between two topics.

Steps in Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Select the Topic Carefully

Before start writing a compare and contrast essay, you need to choose a topic. Keep in mind that the topic should showcase their analytical and writing skills. You should choose those topics to compare which are in trend and interesting for your users.

Think of the Structure of Text

The structure of compare and contrast is to contain an introduction, a paragraph of one topic, a paragraph of another topic, and also a paragraph of conclusion. The students can start with an introduction, then write a paragraph that defines the similarities among the two common subjects, then a paragraph that discovers the differences among the two subjects, and then lastly end with a conclusion. 


Students must begin the compare and contrast essay with a compelling presentation that catches the attention of readers and introduces the topic.

Be Creative

Try to be and remain creative throughout the work. For instance, do not write, “I’ll inform students about this in my work.” Rather than take the reader’s interest by asking two questions on all subjects: “What draws teenagers  to eat fast food? Why do some teenagers prefer not to eat fast food?”

Add Some Facts 

In the introduction, students must give a general outline of the compare and contrast essay. It provides the readers with the full topic of understanding students are writing about.

It is an excellent idea to provide a brief historical outline. You can either start with a joke or a story. Apart from that you can also use a provoking statement in the introduction.

Approaches to a Compare and Contrast Essay

When writing a compare and contrast essay, students may take any of the two most approaches. Following are the two major approaches:

Block Approach 

This approach for compare and contrast essay uses the rational pattern of defining the common points in the light of significant elements. Then all others are listed in proper paragraphs in the body and having a logical series.

Point-by-Point Approach 

This approach is a more inclusive approach for the structure of compare and contrast essays.

Topics to Consider For Compare and Contrast Essays

  • Compare and contrast between two comedies or tragedies of William Shakespeare.
  • The Compare and contrast between two women poets of choice, like Maya Angelou and Margaret Atwood.
  • Compare and contrast between the customary American nuclear and Japanese family structure.
  • Compare and contrast the effects of music and the impacts of the Internet in the childhood of the digital era.
  • The Compare and contrast among a bacterium and a virus
  • Compare and contrast between the monument of David through Bernini and Michelangelo

Tips for Compare and Contrast Essay Writing 

  • Pick an appropriate Subject
  • Time to Brainstorm between Similarities and Differences
  • Enhance the Argument
  • Organizational Structure
  • A proper Outline
  • Proof to Support
  • Use of Transitional Words
  • Review and Proofread


This information provides more information discussing how to write a compare and contrast essay, how to structure this kind of essay, how to use, compare and contrast structure terms, and how to confirm you use proper criteria for contrast or comparison. 

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