A Definitive Guide on How to Write An Essay In MLA Format

Today I am going to share with you the best ever guide on how to write an essay in MLA format.

Essays writing is an ordinary task in school and colleges. Not even in school and college, you have to write essays in your business career in the form of reports. “An essay is a small segment of writing that provides information and explains the writer’s opinion.”

If you are writing an essay for college, then you need help in writing. Professors are always looking for two writing styles in students essay such as APA ( American psychological association) style or MLA (Modern language association) style.

In the U.S., the MLA style is frequently used. Many students face difficulty in writing essays, especially when they have to follow a particular format. They always look for the solution of their question of how to write an essay in MLA format?

The difficulties they are facing are the introduction of title, citation, and spacing of the paper. These all affect the grades of the students. As a result, these students need guidance on essay writing in MLA format. After that, they can attain good grades. 

Now the question arises what is MLA format for an essay?

Many students do not know about the MLA format of an essay. MLA symbolizes the modern language association. It is evolved as a way for researchers, students, and scholars who used it as a method of formatting essays, assignments, and papers. 

It was first published in 1985 by the modern language association of America. The latest edition of their Handbook was released in april 2016. It provides detailed instructions on MLA citation and guidelines for submitting work as per the MLA rules and standards.   

Knowledge of how to write an essay in MLA format?

Most of the students don’t know about MLA format. They don’t know about writing an essay in MLA format. They score low grades because of a lack of knowledge. There are many rules that a writer must follow while writing this type of essay.

Details of page

If you are using the MLA style for formatting your essay, then you must remember that it does not require a title page. All the required information is mention on the front page. The publishing details include on your first page is your name, the name of your professor, the title of your course, and the due date of assignment.  

Information of heading

Another essential component of essay writing in MLA format is the header section. Your surname and the page number are included in this section. The information is written in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Do not use the abbreviation “p” before the page number. Some students do this. 

Hyphens, periods, and any other signs are not used in the header. You can add the header details to the remaining page automatically by using a word processing tool. You must ensure that you make your essay as per the professor’s preferences.         


Margins are other essential points consider while using MLA format. The requirement of MLA formatting is a 1-inch margin all around by using microsoft word. If you want to ensure, then you will find different margin options when you will go to page layout.   

Font, line up, and adjustment:

The perfect font size for essay writing while using MLA formatting is size 12 and times new roman. Do not change the font of your text in the hope that your professor will not recognize.

Don’t use the right margin to justify the lines of your text. Double-spaced must use while making the entire essay. It helps in making your text easy to read and presentable.    


For excellent academic writing, proper citation and referencing are necessary. Students write for their seniors, provide the data of their research and evaluation.

In the academic tenure, students search for verified publication and books to gather information from or make their ideas. The source which you used for your essay must be verified.   

The appropriate citation provides your audience with a way to check the originality of your information.

In MLA format, a parenthetical format is used for the text citation where the surname of authors are mentioned with the page number together from where the data was collected.

When the author has been cited in the sentence, then don’t repeat it within the parenthesis. The list of citation informs your audience about the details of the sources from where you collect the data that support your arguments. The citation works should be mention on its page. 

The positioning of the works cited page

The record of the sources used in the essay must appear at the end of the essay. The citation page must contain the same information, as mentioned in the essay.

The title’ works cited’ is mentioned in the center of the page and an inch from the top of the page. Manage your entry in alphabetical order. You must obey the number of references mentioned by your professor.      

Examples and tables

An essential component considers while using MLA formatting for writing an essay is the use of tables and examples to support the arguments. If you use graphs or tables in your work, then place them close to the text in which they are connected. Figures are numbered properly. If taken from different sources, then it must be mentioned properly.     

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To sum up, this blog examines MLA organizing for essay, including a look at some significant components of MLA arranging. The data contained here should give you an excellent thought of how to continue with MLA arranging and reference.

Although, if you need more data, it is prescribed to take a look at the official rules contained in the MLA Handbook. As you can read it from the tips given and the examples, MLA organizing is neither messed up nor unclear.

Except if you are mentioned to give extra data by your professor, don’t want to do as such. Great organizing takes practice, so continue writing.

If you need an expert writer for your essay writing help in MLA format, then you can contact us whenever you want as per your requirements.

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