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Perl vs Python | Major Differences Everyone Should Know

In the computer science field, there are various programming languages used for numerous purposes. Those programming languages are Perl, Java, PHP, C++, Javascript, Python, and many more. Usually, there are differences in these programming languages’ readability, purpose, nuances, etc. For example, Pearl and Python are two completely different programming languages used in various fields of work. Many people seem confused about Perl vs Python in the computer science world.

Our experts’ primary purpose in this blog is to improve your knowledge regarding Perl vs Python. So in this blog, you will learn in detail everything about both high-level programming languages, including the significant differences between Perl vs python. Our experts will also share their opinions and views about both Perl and python by providing you with the best comparison.

Let’s get started with the introduction of both Pearl And Python.

Overview Of Perl 

Perl is considered one of the best high levels interpreted, dynamic, and general-purpose programming languages. Larry Wall developed it in 1987. Pearl is a programming language that usually works in the same spaces as Python, PHP, and  Ruby. It supports both object-oriented and procedural programming as well. It is also noteworthy that Perl is also similar to C syntactically. And one who has good knowledge of C and C++ programming languages can quickly learn and use Perl.

Features of Perl

If you want to learn everything about Perl vs Python, you should first understand both languages’ features. So here we have mentioned some of the features of Perl:-

  • Pearl has various built-in functions that allow the user operating system and text processing functions.
  • The codes written in the Perl programming languages are short even for large scale programs since it is a highly expressive programming language.
  • Perl offers its users procedural programming with code blocks, variables, subroutines, expressions, etc.
  • Working with Perl, you can easily handle data management tasks using associative arrays.

Uses Of Perl

Here are some important uses of Perl in real-life:-

  • Perl is generally used to write different CGI Scripts in large projects such as RT, Bugzilla, Splash, etc.
  • In Debian(a Linux distribution), Perl is mainly used as a system programming language.
  • The Perl programming language is also used as a scripting language to bind the system and interfaces together. 

Overview Of Python

Python is a general-purpose programming language that Guido van Rossum designed in 1991. Python is one of the most widely used high-level programming languages. The primary purpose of developing Python is to emphasize code readability. The Pythons syntax allows you to express concepts in fewer lines of code. As Python is easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to write, we can say that it is one of the best programming languages for beginners. 

Features of Python

To learn the differences between Perl vs Python, you must first understand the features. Here are some features of Python:-

  • Python is easy to learn, understand and use.
  • The codes of Python can be efficiently run on numerous operating systems and hardware.
  • Python programming also provides you with automatic garbage collection.
  • Undoubtedly you can easily integrate Python with any other programming languages such as C, Java, C++, etc.

Uses Of Python

Here are some significant Uses Of Python in the real world:-

  • Different large web applications and websites are mainly designed using Python. For example, Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, etc.
  • Python is also used for Big Data Analytics work.
  • It is also used for creating gaming applications.
  • Since Python comes with the extensive support of libraries, it is also used for AI and Machine learning.
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Perl vs Python | Key Differences You Should Know

As we already discussed, many people seem confused about Perl and Python. Here we have mentioned some of the significant differences you should know about Perl vs Python:-

Perl vs Python
  • Larry Wall developed Pearl in 1987. On the other hand, Python was created by Guido van Rossum in 1989.
  • You can say that Perl is a “Practical Extraction and Report Language”, while it is not official. On the other hand, Python is named after the well-known artist “Monty Python”.
  • It is considered that Perl programming languages are for text processing that allows you to report. On the other hand, Python is regarded as one of the most used general-purpose programming languages.
  • Python is known as one of the best easy to learn programming languages. On the other hand, Perl is not easier to learn than Python.

Perl vs Python | General Comparison Table

To clear all your doubts regarding Perl and python, we have provided a comparison table between Perl and Python:

On the Basis Perl Python 
IntroductionThe Perl was invented to replace complicated shell scripts. It is one of the best general-purpose and high-level programming languages known for CGI scripts. Bugzilla and CPanel are examples of notable projects in Perl.On the other hand, Python is one of the broadly used high-level and general-purpose programming languages. As python comes with a rich library, it contains wide applications in Machine Learning, Web Development, Desktop Applications, etc. 
Perl emphasizes support for different usual tasks like file scanning and generation.On the other side, Python emphasizes numerous standard processes like data structure design and object-oriented programming.
End of Statement
In Perl programming, all the statements must end with a semicolon.On the other hand, In python programming, it is not required to end each statement with a semicolon since it deals with whitespaces.
Statement Blocks
Perl generally uses braces to keep the statement blocks.On the other side, Python uses indentations to keep the statement blocks.
WhitespacesPerl does not deal with whitespaces.On the other hand, Python usually deals with whitespaces. And if the whitespaces are not as per the requirements in Python, it will generate a syntax error.
File ExtensionGenerally, the .pl file extension is utilized to save Perl Programming Scripts. For example- myDocument.plOn the other side, programmers generally use the .py file extension for saving python scripts. For example-
Data TypesPerl contains different data types such as Scalars, Numeric, Arrays, String, and Hashes.On the other hand, the data types contained by the python programming are Strings, Dictionaries, Numeric, Lists, and Tuples.
Comments For Inline comments, programmers mainly use # in Perl programming. For example #Inline-Comment in Perl programming.On the other side, For Inline comments in python, programmers also use #. For example, #Inline-Comment in Python programming.
DocumentationFor the documentation in Perl programming, programmers mainly use “= and =cut.” For example- =Documentation in Perl programming starts from here, ending with “=cut”.On the other hand, For the documentation in Python programming, programmers mainly use “”” Three inverted commas.  For example- ””” Documentation in Python programming starts from here and ends here.”””
Used In Data ScienceAt present, most data scientists are using Perl for different works in data science.On the other hand, Python is considered one of the best programming languages used by data scientists for numerous data science applications.

Which Is More Popular, Perl or Python?

In the image mentioned above, you can see the statistics of Google Trends that show the popularity of Python over Perl has increased over the last five years worldwide. Therefore, if you are a beginner in programming and confused about Perl vs Python, which programming language you should choose to learn. 

With this graph, you can easily decide which programming language you should learn. According to the last five years’ global trends, you should start learning Python over Perl. Since the demand and popularity of Python grew tremendously. Thus, if you learn Python at present, you can get better career opportunities in the future.

Final Words

As discussed above, Perl and Python are both programming languages that are good in their regard according to the applications they target. We have already discussed everything about Perl vs Python in detail. Thus we can say that our blog will become very useful for students. After reading this blog, they can also decide which programming language they prefer to learn, as this blog will clear all your doubts regarding Perl vs Python.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Perl or Python?

Perl is known as one of the best high-level programming languages. It is easy to learn as compared to Python. It is also noteworthy that Python is more scalable, stable, and robust than Perl. In the last few years, the demand for Python has increased compared to Perl.

Why is Python preferred over Perl?

When comparing both programming languages based on code readability, Python takes huge advantages over Perl. Generally, python codes are easy to understand as compared to Perl. Even if you read python code after many years, you can easily understand it. That’s why programmers prefer Python over Perl.

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