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An Absolute Guide On The Required Skills For Nursing

In this blog, we are going to tell you some important skills for nursing. With the help of these skills for nursing you are able to develop yourself. There are so many skills for nursing, some of them are shown below. 


Communication is one of the main skills to becoming a good nurse. And normally we can say that in the communication skill there are further three steps or phases that define the relationship between the nurse and the patient completely.

  • Orientation Phase: Generally it is an introductory phase in which the nurse tells all about the treatment and if the patient wants to know something then he/she can ask questions. This phase helps the patient to develop trust. 
  • Identification/Working Phase: In this phase, the patient and nurse start to work together. So the patient and nurses spend the majority of the time together. And at this time this is the test of communication skills of nurses. This is the time where the nurse can build trust and convince the patient that he or she is responsible and knowledgeable.
  • Resolution Phase: This is the third and the last phase and in this phase, the nurse measures the success of his/her communication skills. All the success depends only on how much time the patient and the nurse communicated during the working phase. And at last, the result of effective communication depends on the patient’s needs have been met or not.


In a clinical environment, confidence doesn’t means that you know everything, it means having a belief in your abilities and training.

During the communication with the patient, giving the idea of assuredness is important too. If you are nervous in front of your patient then he/she will also be scared. This is not good for you and your patient. And the patient doesn’t follow your instructions properly. 

However, if you are calm and confident in front of your patient then the patient feels comfortable with you and it makes them more compliant means he/she follow your instructions properly.


Every employability complete with teamwork and nursing also comes in this. Teamwork doesn’t mean only work with the colleague employees, it means work well with others and work with others in a good way.

You need to liaise with the doctors, healthcare assistants, etc apart from working with the other nurses. 

In a more sensitive setting, this could be in a trauma team, in which there is a need to work fastly and effectively for the patient’s survival. And all this is done when you work with the team means it all depends on your teamwork. 


The healthcare industry is all about collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach. And by improving the ability of networking and being able to work in groups is good for career progression and also improves the care level of patients. 

Improving networking skills is not only good for the patients only but it also beneficial for the nurse’s professional career.  

Critical thinking and creative problem solving

When nurses are experienced and gain clinical knowledge then they can recognize the problem of the patient themselves. To acquire self-sufficiency through critical thinking nurses must be qualified which helps them to adjust according to the changes. Critical thinking is an important characteristic that helps to judge the situations and according to that situation take appropriate decisions.

Nurses are the problem-solvers. The to-do list is long, time and resources are in short supply. Identify the problems and discuss them with your supervisor, don’t be afraid to discuss the problems with your supervisor. Keep up to date with the findings of professional journals and become involved with the improvement processes of the quality facilities. 


Outside of your outer presentation and manner, recognize that everything you tell and do reflects your ethical principles and moral values. In front of patients as well as colleagues nurses must shows always professionalism. Simply we can say that professionalism means don’t misbehave with your colleagues and with your patients. Professionalism encompassing many areas: responsibility, attitude, respect, integrity, and discipline to name a few. 


Empathy is one of the good skills of nursing. It is the ability to understand and share the other’s feelings. Nowadays healthcare organizations are increasingly dependent on technology, it is important to understand that no technology can take place of an empathetic nurse. 

An empathetic nurse can connect with the patients easily and can understand what the patient is going through. Nurses connect with their patients in an emotional state. Nurses listen to the patient and they open with the patient with an unbiased communication. When the patients get empower then they express their fears, feelings, and concerns related to their healthcare.


As a nurse adaptability/flexibility means working in different hospitals, wards or to cover a shift being called in the last minute. Nurses should be strong and also able to handle a lot, so they can adjust according to any given situation. It means in every situation you have to work quickly. And the situation is like dealing with violent and dangerous behavior from a patient which is unstable or helping a new mother through childbirth, you should react according to the situation quickly.

Time Management

Time management is one of the main skills and it means staying organized with your work. By making flowcharts, spreadsheets, personal checklists, or multi-task whenever possible. And nurses should utilize their nursing skills of anticipation, delegation, and supervision at the end. If you manage your time then it effectively increases the usage of your time each day. Or if you find a nurse mentor or co-worker who can work with you then it also increases the usage of your time each day.


Now you are able to understand all the skills for nursing which we mentioned above. And these skills for nursing will help you to become a successful nurse.

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