What Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding You Should Know

Today, the demand for tech jobs has increased enormously, and many people are interested in making a career in this sector.

Tech jobs are well-reputed and highly-paid jobs that attract people.

Coding is not for everyone, and there are non-programming tech jobs where you can start a career without any programming skills.

One of the highest-paying tech jobs that don’t require coding are Data Analyst and Product Manager. 

As per data published by PayScale and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of an average Data Analyst is $108660 per year, and that of a Product Manager is $94529 per year.

You can use various job search engines like Indeed and Glassdoor and platforms like stack overflow to find the desired job.

This blog will discuss tech jobs that don’t require coding to help you choose accordingly.

Below you can find the best Jobs That Don’t Require Coding. 

Data Analyst

It is one of the highest paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding. You might be your company’s next data analyst star if you enjoy playing with numbers to find statistical information, figures, and trends. 

As the tech world gets bigger and bigger, much data is available to sort and understand. The primary purpose of a data analyst is to inspect data and find helpful information to help make decisions.

A data analyst breaks important information into valuable forms like tables, graphs, reports, etc.

They are crucial in identifying a company’s opportunities for growth and expansion.

Critical thinking, communication, and research skills are required to be a data analyst.


If you love arts and are involved in artistry, it is one of the tech jobs that does not require coding. 

Some jobs you can choose from are website designing, package designing, and designing apps for mobile.

For example, you can design the packaging of products for a company or design ads for a product.

Though coding skills benefit you in a tech career, you have several choices as a designer that will not need coding.

Project Manager

Most goals are accomplished through a project, from planning the software to creating it, linking it to hardware, monitoring, and updating it.

The project manager helps to run the software development sequence successfully.

They supervise everything related to the product. Starting from how it is made and marketed to whom the product is sold.

This field is for you if you can observe human behavior, influence your teammates, and are good at marketing.

Cyber Security Specialist

A cyber security specialist is responsible for safeguarding the software development process.

They do their best to protect networks from outside threats like hackers that desire access for malicious purposes.

This job’s main skills are network security, problem-solving, troubleshooting, and firewall administration.

IT Business Analyst

An IT business analyst directs the need for tools and processes for completing a project. They continuously assess the current operations and suggest strategies for higher efficiency.

A business analyst governs the business by improving the process and services.

They are the one who does an in-depth analysis of the company and figures out the problem.

They engage in activities like managing, budgeting, predicting, and planning.

An analyst explains and helps the owner understand the changes required.

Scrum Master

The job of a scrum master is to keep the Scrum team on track and move in the correct direction. 

They should know about Agile principles and scrum methods, which require certification.  By obtaining Scrum Master Certification, individuals can enhance their career prospects and showcase their ability to contribute to successful Agile projects.

Scrum assist the product owner in guiding the team throughout the project and helps them to resolve conflicts.They should have leadership qualities and the ability to motivate people.

UI/Ux Specialist

This is one of the most relatable non-tech jobs that don’t require coding you can do. A career in this field has a good scope and is an excellent way to start as a professional without knowing the whereabouts of the coding.

UI and UX are both different positions, but they work together. A UX designer aims to give the user the best experience with an app or website.

Especially today, companies are more concerned about giving users a superior experience.

A UI/UX interface designer is an excellent choice for those interested in designing.

UI designing is a good choice for a person who knows layout design and is good at creating flowcharts. If you have the skill to attract and guide users’ eyes from point a to point b, this is the right job for you.

System Administrator

All organizations need a professional who manages tasks like setting computers for employees, malfunction troubleshooting, server setup, etc. The system administrator does all these things.

To get a job in this field, you must know the operating system, DBMS, and networking systems.

You can even get a certificate from several institutions to help you get a job.

A good system administrator has many skills, including personal skills, which are required when helping out a frustrated employee.

Some basic programming knowledge would be helpful in this job, or a good understanding of running a computer from a command line.

Test Engineer

A software test engineer debugs the error and improves software quality. The main job of a test engineer is to develop methods to check the software before its launch.

They perform many functional, performance, and stress tests to eliminate errors and improve the quality of the end product.

For developers to fix bugs, you must find and report them. The only talent you need is the ability to note an error number or accurately capture a screenshot.

Checking the new technology may sound fun, but it is more than that.

Technical Blogging

Tech writing is a tremendous non-coding tech job. You are supposed to create engaging content with in-depth knowledge.

A technical writer can include instructions, reports, specifications, and other documents. You may get a writing job directly, or else you can do freelancing.

It is good to understand your writing to be a successful writer.

Writing abilities that are clear-cut and well-organized is also advantageous in this field.

The unique thing about being a tech writer is that you even do freelance work.

Some Entry Level Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding

Sales Representative

A lot of companies sell software as a service. So they need to sell their product to a potential customer and make him understand.

Sales in tech require you to understand customer needs and solve their problems.

Good communication and relationship-building skills are essential for this job.

Marketing Associate

Tech companies provide services in the form of software, so the tech industry also needs people to manage their marketing campaigns, like digital ads, content creation, SEO, and more.

Good communication, teamwork, and innovative skills are needed in this job.

Technical Recruiter

Tech recruiter helps a company to recruit new qualified employees. In this job, you will determine the ideal candidate for a particular position.

An experienced recruiter is knowledgeable and knows the right places and ideas to find suitable candidates.

SEO Specialist 

It is growing tech jobs that don’t require coding. An SEO specialist needs you to make and execute marketing strategies using search engine optimization.

They help to increase a company’s visibility using SEO tools.

It requires good analytical skills and troubleshooting.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers make content, especially for the marketing of social media. They make plans for a particular market. 

It requires good knowledge of graphics design and tools like Adobe, Lightroom, and other editing apps to design social media posts.

Benefits Of Doing A Tech Job That Doesn’t Require Coding

Wealthy Salary 

The majority of tech occupations offer good wages for available positions. You don’t need to be concerned about your pay.

Competitive Industry

Tech is a highly competitive business that offers a wide range of employment opportunities. If you have the required knowledge and skills, you can discover a job that is best suited for you.

Low Entry Barrier

Depending on your needs, there is high-paying entry-level tech employment available. Many entry-level tech jobs don’t require coding.


Coding is not for everyone, and numerous alternatives don’t require coding. We have compiled several options from which you can choose the one best suits you. So you do not need to worry about getting Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding. If you want to improve your technical skills, then you can read our blog on how to improve technical skills. we have provided many tips & tricks that will help you to improve your technical skills.

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it easy to find Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding?

Yes, It is possible to land a tech job without coding experience. You can use several search engines to find a job; good networking can help you.

Are there high-paying tech jobs without programming skills?

Yes, there are several high-paying jobs with lucrative salaries. Professionals like SEO specialists, Data analysts, and Designers are paid well.

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