Types of Accounting

Important Types Of Accounting Useful For Accountants

In this blog, we are going to tell you some important types of accounting useful for accountants. And these types of accounting are very helpful for accountants. There are so many types of accounting, some of them are shown below.

Financial Accounting

Normally the financial accounting is that you expect an accountant to keep track of a company’s financial dealings. By using the standard guidelines which are found in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) rules it should be done. By the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) these rules are set. To present the financial reports to the shareholders and regulators, financial accountants follow specific procedures.

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  • With the help of incomings, outgoings, debts and how funds are moving through the company, the financial accountants track the company’s current financial position of the company.
  • By monitoring the value of the company’s shares they make stockholder’s equity statements
  • The shareholders and investors use their reports, which means the people who are outside the company, are using these reports.

To keep the accounts accurate each company has its own software and methods. It is like a production line in bigger companies in which many people contribute. In smaller companies, a financial accountant has so many works like in streamlining and enhancing the accounting process of the company. If you like to keep things organized, neat and perfect, then you will enjoy it. Learn more about the dynamic role of financial accountants and how they contribute to the success of businesses.

Management Accounting

Management accounting and financial accounting are quite similar in some ways. Financial accounting is all about the tracking of the financial position and making their reports. Financial accountants provide the report which is used externally, and these reports are created by the management accountants to be used internally.

  • The mangers who need the financial information to make business decisions are provided by the management accountants for example reports which have been profitable for the business areas.
  • For decision-making, the data which supports it is used in the form of charts and statistical techniques.
  • At higher levels, business references perform by the management accountants and also they can be a member of the company’s senior management team.

Management accounting is not only stating the figures, but it is also more than this, it about making predictions, and interpreting trends, qualitative aspects of business too.

Governmental accounting

The accounting information system type which is used in the public sector refers to the governmental accounting. And also it is known as public accounting or federal accounting. And in the private sector financial accounting system there is a small aberration. By the GAAP rules, financial accounting is directed and by the GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) rules governmental accounting is directed.

It assures that the financial position and the public sector institution’s performance are set in the budgetary context. The main distinction between financial accounting and governmental accounting is to keep income and expenditures track separately in the governmental entities.

For example, in the road improvement project, it would keep track of the income and expenses. In most cases, mainly there are five governmental funds which are used and that funds are: General fund, Permanent fund, Special revenue fund, Capital projects fund, Debt services fund. Each and every fund is tracked to provide perfect report on how money is used, and also the remaining funds are tracked.

Public accounting

The customers, including service businesses, producers, retailers, non-profit organizations, government organizations, and individuals are provided by the accounting services by the firms which are public accounting firms. Auditing, tax preparation, tax advisory, and advisory activities, including the preparation and analysis of financial statements is focused by the field that is the public accounting field.

The companies which are public accounting companies are advised on the different business strategies, mergers, acquisitions, and internal accounting systems.

Besides, public accounting companies can offer their clients other financial services such as full accounting, accounting management, financial advice and payroll accounting services. Mainly public accountants work with external customers, mostly with companies or individuals. And for clients the responsibility of a public accountant is to ensure their financial statements, records are filled accurately. With the tax regulations and financial reporting, public accountants work closely. If it is necessary to have best accounting software programs to the customers then public accounting companies also advise the customers.

Cost accounting

Cost accounting is one of the main accounting methods. In this method, it captures the various costs of the company’s production by evaluating the cost like input cost, fixed cost, etc. Firstly, all the costs evaluated and then it will be examined with the real cost acquired by the company. 

In business, cost accounting is a specialization field that seems closer to the actual cost. In the manufacturing environment, cost accounting is used internally. And also for the businesses, it can be used. 

For the fixed and variable costs, cost accounting looks at both. In business, cost accounting incurs such as material, labor maintenance and the cost for production. Most businesses use the standard costing system, in which for the production of any product they assign an average cost. And the accounting which is focused on the future is cost accounting and rather than describing past performance, it is used to take the decision-making process.

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Now you have seen some main types of accounting and these types of accounting help a lot the accountants in their work.

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