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Top 9 Uses Of R Programming Language In The Real World

Before starting to learn R programming language, every R learners have questions – What is R programming language, and what makes R unique, and the main question is they think that what are the uses of R programming language? 

Here, in this blog, I will answer all these questions. So, you will not be getting any confusion related to the uses of R programming. So, let’s get started. 

Nowadays, R programming language is one of the most popular languages for data science and data analysis. This language is heavily used to analyze data that is both unstructured and structured. 

This makes R programming the standard programming language for PERFORMING STATISTICAL OPERATIONS

The r programming language offers great career opportunities to students. That’s why many students choose R to succeed in their future. But many students are confused about the uses of R programming language. That’s why I have written this blog. So, you can know about the uses of R. 

What Is R Programming Language?

R is an open-source programming language that was developed in 1993 by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. It is a scripting language that offers a wide range of mathematical analytical methods. It is simple to use and learn. 

R is very extensible and also it provides a wide range of statistical (linear and nonlinear modeling, traditional statistical tests, clustering, time-series analysis, classification, and so on) and graph methods. When it comes to popularity, the R language is the clear victor and top option for statistics. Furthermore, there are more blogs, chat forums, and email lists dedicated to R programming languages than any other SAS tool. The majority of R libraries are written in R, although for large computations, C, C++, and Fortran are preferable. And also, it has libraries for static graphics and for dynamic graphics as well. 

Advantages Of R Programming Language

There are a lot of advantages of r programming that make this the most popular programming language:

  • Open-Source: R is an open-source programming language, so you are free to use this language or contribute to its development. 
  • Third-Party Libraries And Packages: R’s massive community is constantly releasing new packages that extend and improve the language’s functionality.
  • Statistics: Specifically R programming was designed for analysis and statistical computing, and that’s why it is the most popular language used in the field. 
  • Interpreted: As an interpreted, we can run R code without using a compiler.
  • Platform Independent: This language is a cross-platform language, so it can run on most operating systems.

Disadvantages Of R Programming

After knowing the Advantages of R programming language, you should also know the disadvantages of R programming language:

  • Complex Syntax: This programming language has a steep learning curve, and it is not suited to new developers. 
  • Security: It does not have many security features.
  • Memory Usage: R has few memory management features and stores data in physical memory, which can be problematic when working with large data sets.

What Makes R Unique?

R is unique in that it is not a general-purpose programming language. And while doing a lot of things, it doesn’t compromise. It excels in a few tasks, specifically statistical analysis and data visualization. While data analysis and machine learning tools are available for languages like Python, R includes many statistical features built-in. For much of the basic data analysis you can accomplish with the language, no third-party libraries are required.

Even though this is a specialised use case, it is employed in every sector since current businesses are data-driven. By analysing historical data, data scientists and analysts can identify the health of a firm and provide business executives with actionable insights about the future of their organisation.

Uses Of R

There are so many uses of R and some of them which are the topmost one’s are the following which are shown below:

Uses Of R In Research & Academics

Uses Of R In Research & Academics

To perform the various statistical analyses and calculations, R is used by many students as it is a statistical research tool. And the techniques of the statistics might be linear and non-linear modeling, time-series analysis, classification, classical statistic tests, clustering, and all other R executions and its libraries. 

For deep learning and for machine learning research as well, this language is used. Its library may be used to support both monitoring and non-monitoring learnings. And to learn machine programming, it is a popular programming language.

Uses Of R In IT Sectors

Uses Of R In IT Sectors

The R programming language is used by not just IT organisations, but also by small, medium, and big enterprises for their business intelligence. For machine learning products these businesses use it. So, it can generate the statistical data handling products and computational tools through which it can create data manipulated services. 

There are many IT companies that uses R and some of them are:

  • Infosys.
  • Paytm.
  • IBM.
  • Accenture.
  • Google.
  • Tata Consultancy Services.
  • Wipro.
  • Microsoft.

Uses Of R In Finance

Uses Of R In Finance

R is utilised in finance industries that deal with a lot of statistical data since it is a statistical coding language. In the financial sector, data science and R offer a wide range of applications. R may be used for advanced statistical suites to do various financial tasks and computations. Risk assessment, time-series analysis, stock-market modelling, moving averages, auto-regression, financial data mining, and much more can all be done using R and its libraries.

This language also aids in the process of making commercial decisions. R’s data visualisation can show data analysis results in a variety of graphical forms, including density plots, candlestick charts, and high-quality drawdown plots. And also, It helps company tycoons in connecting technical data analysis features with their outcomes. Companies like American Express, Bajaj Allianz Insurance, and others utilise the R.

Uses Of R For E-Commerce

Uses Of R For E-Commerce

E-Commerce firms use the R to improve user experiences on their websites, as well as for financial and marketing objectives. They can improve cross-product selling with the aid of R because when a customer buys a product from their site, it will recommend some more items based on their initial purchases. Past consumers will also get benefit from these recommendations. Companies that operate online collect and handle unstructured and structured data from a variety of sources. R is used for targeted advertising, market strategies, financial data processing, and sales modeling, among other things.

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Uses Of R For Social Media

Uses Of R For Social Media

The R programming language is used by social media firms like Facebook to evaluate various behaviours and sentiments. Users’ ideas can be changed and improved depending on their history, as well as the tone and mood of recent postings and viewed material. The advertising may be customised for the users based on their history and feelings. R is used by several programmers to evaluate user sessions, traffic, and content in order to optimise the user experience.

Uses Of R In Banking

Uses Of R In Banking

R is used by a number of banking organisations for risk analytics and risk modelling. R is used by a number of banks in combination with proprietary software or tools like as SAS. It’s utilised for a variety of purposes, including mortgage haircut modelling, fraud detection, volatility modelling, statistical modelling, loan stress test simulation, customer evaluation, and more. It’s also utilised for business intelligence, data visualisation, customer retention, customer quality computation, customer segmentation, and among other things.

Uses Of R In Healthcare

Uses Of R In Healthcare

R makes it simple to process data that serves as a backdrop for data processing and analysis. R is widely used in some fields like bioinformatics, genetics, epidemiology, drug development, and many more. The R programming language is used to monitor and forecast the spread of a variety of diseases. And also we use it to evaluate medication safety data, test various chemicals, analyse genetic sequences, and pharmacological combinations and permutations. The r Bioconductor packages provide tools for analysing genomic data.

Uses Of R In Manufacturing

Uses Of R In Manufacturing

This programming language is used by a number of industrial businesses to improve or boost their business and marketing initiatives. They take the feedback of their customers and by using it enhance the products. These businesses rely on data to support their marketing strategy. Market trends and demand forecasting are used to alter manufacturing methods.

Uses Of R In The Governmental Department

Uses Of R In The Governmental Department

In the governmental department, R is used to keep records and process their censuses. It helps them in governing and making laws effectively. Weather forecasts, disaster-impact analysis, and drug regulations are among the services it provides.

Real-Life Use Cases Of R Language

R applications are useless unless you understand how individuals and businesses use the R programming language.

  1. Facebook: Facebook utilises R for updating its social network graph and status. It’s also used to forecast how R will interact with colleagues.
  2. Ford Motor Company: Ford uses Hadoop. It also uses R for statistical analysis and data-driven decision-making help.
  3. Google: Google uses R for calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) on advertising campaigns, forecasting economic activity, and increasing the effectiveness of internet advertising.
  4. Foursquare: R is a key component of Foursquare’s well-known recommendation engine.
  5. John Deere: R is used by John Deere statisticians for accurate and repeatable time series modelling and geospatial analysis. The data is then imported into Excel and SAP.
  6. Microsoft: R is used by Microsoft for the Xbox matchmaking service as well as the Azure ML framework’s statistical engine.
  7. Mozilla: It is the backbone of the Firefox web browser, and it makes use of R to depict web activity.
  8. New York Times: The New York Times uses R in its news cycle to analyse data and generate visuals before they go to print.
  9. Thomas Cook: Thomas Cook used R for forecasting and Fuzzy Logic Systems to automate the pricing of last-minute deals.
  10. National Weather Service: R is used by the National Weather Service’s at its River Forecast Centers. As a result, it’s utilised to make flood predicting visualisations.
  11. Twitter: For advanced statistical modelling, R is part of Twitter’s Data Science toolkit.
  12. Trulia: R is used by Trulia, a real-estate research website, to forecast home values and local crime rates.
  13. ANZ Bank: R is used by ANZ, Australia’s fourth-largest bank, for credit risk analysis.


In this blog, we have discussed the uses of R. And we hope that the information provided by us in this blog is helpful to you. In any case, if you need R programming assignment help or R studio assignment help you can discuss your requirements with our experts anytime. We are 24/7 available to help you. 


Where is R most used?

R is very popular for exploratory data analysis. R’s package ggplot2 is one of the best visualization libraries for interactivity and aesthetics.

Which companies are using R?

R is used by several major companies some of them are the following: 
*Bazaj allianz Insurance.
*American Express.
*Bank of America.
*Barclays Bank.
*Bharti Axa insurance.

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