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Software Developer vs Web Developer: 6 Differences You Should Know

You’re definitely familiar with software developer vs web developer: even if you don’t fully grasp the terms “web developer” and “software developer” entail. Many new people to coding believe that software developers and web developers are both the same things.

However, if you’re searching for a job, you should understand how a developer works and the differences between a software developer vs web developer.

These two names refer to areas of knowledge that are related but not identical. In this blog, will learn in detail the difference between software developer vs web developer.  

What Is a Web Developer?

Web developers create interactive websites and apps. Everything from simple text files to complex data processing can be included in web development.

Web developers are creative people who design and develop websites from scratch. They’ll need to know programming languages like javascript or java to do this. They should also be aware of the company’s goals, which will influence the website’s design.

Role and Responsibilities of Web Developer

Here are some essential responsibilities of web developers:

  • A web developer’s job entails generating web design, developing the website, and hosting it on a web server.
  • Creates the website’s core structure to make it functional.
  • The process of exchanging data between the browser and the server is made more accessible. 
  • Closely collaborates with the web design team, providing necessary input to ensure the website’s functionality.
  • Writing tested and efficient code is your responsibility.
  • Any website’s framework, server-side functionality, API integration, and business logic are all handled by web developers.
  • Perform routine site maintenance when necessary.
  • Web developers are responsible for the appearance of a website.
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What is a Software Developer?

On the other hand, software developers are in charge of designing more complex computer and mobile applications and programs. Software and its components are created, conceptualized, programmed, documented, tested, and upgraded by them.

Role and Responsibilities of Software Developer

Here are some examples of the responsibilities of a software developer:

  • Software engineers must examine the client’s present working system.
  • An idea for improving a current system/requirements is offered, along with a cost estimate.
  • Find flaws in existing programs, operating systems, or applications.
  • A business analyst, client personnel, and designer must collaborate closely with a software developer.
  • Programs for stand-alone desktop and mobile platforms are required of software developers
  • Prepare an easy-to-use training manual for the application.
  • Attend meetings with clients, programmers, and other members of the team.
  • Create a well-thought-out plan to create a program that satisfies a client’s needs.
  • Test the entire program to confirm that it follows the requirements phase’s design.

What Is The Main Difference Between a Software Developer vs Web Developer?

Below is the essential difference between software developer vs web developer:

  • A web developer is an IT expert who does code for a website or a web application, whereas a software developer builds software that runs on various computers.
  • Web developers handle any website’s framework, server-side functionality, API integration, and business logic, while software developers work on standalone desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Web developers employ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages, whereas software developers use C++, java, and python.
  • Software may or may not require hosting, but web applications must be hosted on the internet or intranet.
  • Web development applications are designed to be compatible with all browsers. On the other hand, software developer applications are developed to be consistent across different OS/platforms.
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What Is The Difference Between Software Developers vs Web Developers?

Here are the difference between software developer vs web developer:

Parameter Software developerWeb developer 
Who Creates any type of software. Creates a website or a set of web applications.
Architecture Client-side or client-server-side applications could be designed.Client-server applications are developed.
Programming Software developers use C++, java, python languages.Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript languages.
Hosting It is possible that developed software will not need to be hosted.A web application must be hosted on the Internet or on a private intranet.
Platform In software development, an application is created to run on a variety of operating systems and platforms.An application is created for cross-browser compatibility in web development.
Salary In the USA, the average salary for a software engineer is $100,000 per year.In the USA, the average salary for web developers is $70,000. 

A Guide to Becoming a Web Developer/Software Developer

Now you have understood the difference between software developer vs web developer. You’ll need a firm grasp of coding basics and some technical skills To become a Web Developer.

Software and web developers both depend on coding. It is important to note that being an excellent Web Developer or a Software Developer requires an entirely different set of skills.

JavaScript knowledge is essential for Web Developers. The basics of designing a website include learning Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS.

They need to understand the basics of user experience if they’re designing and customizing websites.

A Software Developer should have the ability to write code that’s reusable, testable, and readable, just like a Web Developer. So that they can deliver the correct type of software for their customers, they must understand the organization’s business operations.

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Furthermore, software developers must build scalable solutions while simultaneously increasing profits for the business.

While web development mainly involves programming skills, software development also involves a wide array of skills, including DevOps, which combines software operations and development.

A Guide to Getting Started as a Web Developer/Software Developer

A career in web development could be right for you if you are creative and enjoy independence and flexibility.

Don’t wait until you get your first job to gain experience if you’re relatively new in the field. You can practice developing skills by working on mock projects. A mock project could include a fictitious brand, a model website, or a redesign of an existing site.

You will learn how to write testable and efficient code by doing these exercises.

Creating a website for your portfolio is the next step. You can showcase your portfolio as you build your skills through mock projects or jobs.  

A Software Developer is more likely to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and knowledge of SQL Server, C++, Visual Basic, etc. In addition to a degree, you’ll also need programming knowledge to get hired by top IT firms. If you have a broader knowledge base, you will have more career options in web development.

You should have your GitHub page or portfolio website, regardless of your career route. As a Software Developer, your passion and unique value will be reflected on our website.

Soft skills such as cooperation and new thinking are equally vital for Software Developers. Your programming goals can be effectively communicated to your teams if you develop these skills. 


Conclusion  In this blog, you have learned in detail about software developers vs web developers. I hope you have understood the difference between software developer vs web developer. Now if you are facing a problem writing assignments. Then don’t worry, we are here to assist you with Web Development Assignment Help And Software Engineering Assignment Help

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is there a connection between Web developers and Software Developers?

A web developer’s job description and a software developer’s are quite similar. It is essential that both roles know multiple programming languages, work well in a team, and have experience troubleshooting code.

However, the languages that these two specialists need to know to differ. Web developers employ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while software developers use Python, C++, and Java.

What is the best way to get into web development or software development?

You should take a course that teaches coding and offers a certificate for completion, as well as projects you can use to develop your portfolio.

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