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Software engineering provides systematic approaches for software development, maintenance, and operations. Software engineering is a part of system engineering. System engineer determines the specification of the system. System engineer also describes the deployment, design, and integration of system’s architecture. Two main terms come under Software engineering, i.e., software process and development.

Several stages come under software process, i.e., specification, development, validation, and evolution of software. Software specification describes the terms where engineer and customers determine the software production. Software development determines how the software produced and designed. Validation process checks the software to describe its validity. Evolution describes the software modification.

Similarly, software development also contains several stages, i.e., analysis of requirements, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. The first stage analyses the required resources for making any software. Analysis of required resource completed by holding several meetings and video conferencing. Designing stage describes system planning and evolution. Software design is an essential stage for developing software. Next stage of development is implementation, determines implementation of software using several high-level languages like; c, c++, and java.

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These languages are very easy to understand and use. Next stage of software development is testing. This stage checks whether the software works according to the user requirement or not. Several methods of testing used to test the software like; integration, system and regression testing. The last stage of developing software is maintenance. This stage contains several modifications in software to enhance the working of the software. Maintenance is an essential term for developing any software. So, these are several stages of development.

Visio, UML Activity Diagram, and OOP Design

Several terms come under software engineering, i.e., Visio, UML, and Activity Diagrams and oops Design. Visio software used to develop various types of diagrams like; flowchart, org chart, building plan, floor plan and process modeling, etc. these diagrams are very difficult to understand. Similarly, UML diagrams describe the work flows in any business. These activity diagrams determine the activity sequences. These diagrams also describe concurrent, branched and parallelled flow of the system. For drawing activity diagrams several elements come under this process, i.e., activity, association, condition, and constraints.

Activity diagrams used in various areas like; activity diagrams used to models the work flow. These diagrams used to models the business requirements. These diagrams also used in system’ functionality. OOP stands for object oriented programming. OOPS is a pure object oriented language. OOP is a programming language consists several classes and objects. Various other terms also come under this programming language, i.e., polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and data abstraction. All these terms and activities are very difficult to understand and learn. Professor requires assignment having high quality and written in simple language which is very easy to understand. These professors are very strict to get assignment having high quality.

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