A mid-sized city, which already operates a soccer stadium, wishes to host a soccer tournament next year.



Business Case for USLAA Soccer Tournament

Prepared by: Sam Busby


Project Name: 2020 USLAA Soccer Tournament

1.0 Introduction/ Background

A mid-sized city, which already operates a soccer stadium, wishes to host a soccer tournament next year. In addition to conducting the tournament, they will host a fan experience event throughout the tournament on the property adjacent to the soccer stadium. The city’s soccer stadium has a capacity of 10,000 people, and it is expected to sell-out all five days of the tournament. The tournament is hosted by the Unified Soccer League Association of the Americas (USLAA), and the event will be televised and available via radio.

2.0 Business Objective

The city needs to plan and erect new facilities and infrastructure for the tournament, which is set to take place next year. In order to do so, they must prepare both venues to receive and support 10,000 people in the stadium and 250 to 500 fans in the fan experience venue. They must also create the infrastructure required to support network connectivity for fans and media. Concessions and merchandise will be sold at the event. The city must also promote the event and offer a VIP guest experience. Parking and traffic must be accounted for, and safety systems must be put into place.

3.0 Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement

While the city does already operate a soccer stadium, much of the infrastructure for this event must be created. The tournament will attract many individuals from outside of the city and will bring additional business to restaurants, hotels, and companies in the area. Additionally, successfully conducting this event will likely attract similar events and could be a boon for the local economy.

4.0 Critical Assumption and Constraints

This project must be completed within nine to twelve months as the tournament date is set. It also requires support from the city council and citizens to be successful. The potential for revenue is high, but funding must be in place to make the event possible. A number of employees must be hired or re-trained to work at the event. Staff from the soccer stadium may be used, but it is likely that more individuals will need to be hired to work the event only. Training of these individuals must occur before the tournament. The network backbone must be created to include WIFI and ethernet for broadcasting ability and to provide attendees with internet access. Additionally, parking is not sufficient for the expected number of guests, so overflow parking must be secured. Any items or systems costing over $10,000 must be bid upon by multiple providers. This will add at least two to three months to the purchasing processes. Additionally, all purchases made with city funds must go through their procurement process in order to produce a purchase order.

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