All assignments must be submitted as an electronic document in MS Word to the LMS (Use 12 Times New Roman script).



Student Assignment Covering Form          


Course/Unit Information


SQA – Extended Diploma in International Business and Strategy

Unit No.

Unit 4005

Unit Name

Sustainability and Business

Unit code







Assignment Information

Full/ Part Assignment

Full Assignment

Date Assignment Issued

20th January 2020

Date Assignment Due

15th February 2020



Student Information

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Student Declaration


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Students Signature                  : _____________________ (signed)

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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Feedback


Module Code & Title


Sustainability & Business


Module Learning Outcomes



Appraise the multiple dimensions of sustainability for businesses in the context of global challenges


To critically review, evaluate and develop sustainability strategies of organisations.


Sustainability and the strategic alignment of the business functions


Managing sustainability of different functional areas within an organisation

Assessment Types



Marks Achieved

Task 01 (Case Scenario)



Task 02 (Case Study 1)



Task 03: (Case Study 2)



Task 04: (Project)






Overall Score




Overall Grade

















The following grading criteria will be applicable for the course, Executive Diploma in International Business Management:



70 to 100

A - Distinction

60 to 69

B - Merit

50 to 59


40 to 49

Fail with Resubmit

0 to 39

Fail with Retake



General Guidelines

(Please read the instructions carefully)


1.      Complete the title page with all necessary student details and ensure that the signature of the student is marked in the declaration form.

2.      All assignments must be submitted as an electronic document in MS Word to the LMS (Use 12 Times New Roman script).

3.      Assignment that is not submitted to the LMS by the prescribed deadline will be accepted ONLY under the REDO and RESIT submission policy of Westford.

4.      You will PASS the full assignment task only if you achieve “AC Met” in each of the Assessment Criteria.

5.      The results are declared only if the student has met the mandatory attendance requirement of 75% and/or a minimum of 50% under extenuating circumstances approved and ratified by the Academic Director. The student has to repeat the module (with additional fees applicable) if the attendance is below 50%.

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