Assume that markers could miss some important aspects of your submission unless presented clearly, or when you deviate from the structure of this template (for which you will be penalised)



Assignment A2: Text + Clustering + Estimation


(as per record)

Student No

Student number

My other group members


Group No

As per CloudDeakin group number


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Student Nos

Student number


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Student number







Meets expectations

Issues noted




Use this area


to self-assess your




Explore Attributes

Be realistic as we

will find problems

in your work that

you may not be

aware of















Evaluate &













Research &








Read these notes as we are really trying to help you out!

Remember: If it is not in this report, it does not exist and does not get marked!


Assume that markers could miss some important aspects of your submission unless presented clearly, or when you deviate from the structure of this template (for which you will be penalised). So be clear, number tables, charts and screen shots used as evidence, annotate all visuals, cross-reference your analysis with evidence.


Use the A2 Word template to prepare this report. Submit it in PDF format to avoid its accidental reformatting. Submit all RM processes (.RMP files only – not the whole project directory or data) in a separate ZIP archive. Only work submitted via CloudDeakin assignment box will be marked (not via email or any other way).


Ensure that the report is readable and the font is no smaller than Arial 10 points. Include only the most relevant and significant results for your analysis and recommendations.


You will be able to submit your work as many times until deadline. We will mark the last complete submission, i.e. the report in PDF and the ZIP-ped RapidMiner processes.


Go over this checklist: Is this your document? Does it report your work and your work only? Is this the correct unit, assignment, year and trimester? Is your name entered above? Is the group number included and is it correct? Are names of your group members entered as well? Are all pages included? Are all report sections within the required page limit?


Then after the submission – check these: Was it lodged on time? Has the PDF report been submitted? Has the Zip archive of RMP files been submitted? Can you retrieve and reopen both back from your submission folder?


We will be checking your work for plagiarism! If any parts of your work (report, screen shots or RM processes) bear any resemblance to another students’ work, or by you for another unit, or anything written by others without acknowledgement (e.g. on the web), it will be treated as plagiarism.










Executive summary (one page)



To clearly articulate your understanding of the business problem and to present its solution to management.




Business Problem

LP3: A business problem (or question) is stated succinctly in business terms.


Solution to Business Problem

LP4: The business solution succinctly described for executives and justified. Cross-references with the technical sections of the report provided for support, e.g. to tables, charts and plots.



LP3: Business decisions and actions that the analytic solution could support are well explained.

LP4: Business decisions and actions are clearly supported by the analytic solution.

Any academic references cited throughout this report may be included in this section.



For clarity and to guide the markers, leave the words “Expectation” and “Extension”.

Do not attempt the extension unless the main objective has been achieved.

If not attempting the extension then delete the extension section, together with the word “Extension”.

Use this font for your report, i.e. Arial 10 (and not MyTiniestFont 2).


Make sure your exec summary is very clear.

You can restate or rephrase the problem statement as you gain better understanding.

Do not invent your own problem – it has been given to you but may not be achievable in its current form.

Ensure that whatever problem you describe can be solved using the provided data.

Make sure the exec summary describes the problem from the business perspective and not a technical perspective.

Use business language and not computer / mathematical / statistical / data science language.

The problem statement should describe the high level aims and not the methods of their achieving.

Think and state the likely benefit of this project for the company and its management.

Think and state who the company clients are and what the likely benefits of this project are for them.

Ensure that your solution clearly matches the problem statement.

Ensure that the solution is formulated in terms of achieving the high-level aim.


Do not include any charts or tables in the problem statement section.

However, as appropriate cross-reference your problem statement with tables or charts from the following section, e.g. you can refer to them as “… (see Figure 1)” or “As shown in Table 4…”.


If you need to support your statements / analysis / argument with references to any published materials, use Harvard citation style as described in: As the executive summary should not take even one page, we suggest to include your bibliographic references at the bottom of this page, immediately below the executive summary (or problem description).


All comments, such as this, which are not part of your submission should be deleted to save space.

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