Based on your understanding of menu design indicate the issues or problems that exist with this menu.



As you have discovered this week, the topic of menu design and pricing is often an overlooked and poorly planned critical task. When implemented improperly, at best it becomes an operational annoyance, but in most cases it is a key factor in generating guest complaints, employee dissatisfaction, potential legal liabilities, and decreasing sales and financial losses for the restaurant. However, when implemented with time and attention, the document serves as a major communication device for both employees and guests.

As a manager, it is critical to understand the effects, time and financial investment needed to create this important operational tool. You must be able to assess the effectiveness of an operation’s current food and beverage menu(s) and offer suggestions for changes based on approaches, techniques, and theories recommended by industry experts.

For your discussion submission, use the attached menu for Uncle Matty’s Ye Olde Tavern to respond to the following:

Uncle Matty's Menu (.docx)

  1. Based on your understanding of menu design indicate the issues or problems that exist with this menu.
  2. Based on your understanding of menu design indicate any positive or acceptable design choices with this menu.
  3. Based on your response to #1 and #2 create a list of needed design changes and explain why the changes should be made.
  4. The current menu does not list beverages. Based on the type of establishment (independent tavern) and the current food offers what non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages would you suggest and why?
  5. Create a new menu document (without prices) based on your findings and attach it to your response.

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