Comparison and Contrast of Diet

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In your response to those posts below (post one and two ), compare and contrast

the diet that you selected with the one that your classmate chose. How are the

energy inputs different? Is there an explanation for the different energy inputs? (

250 words each )

Post 2

There are different types of diets around the world with too many to list, but we

can group some of them together. There are the vegetarian diets, which excludes

meat and they also avoid food containing by-products of animal slaughter. Semi-

vegetarian diets are mostly vegetarian but allow small amounts of meats to be

consumed. There are weight control diets, which address people, who want to lose

weight. Weight control diets can be divided into low-calorie diets, very low calorie

diets, which requires to consume less than 800 calories a day, low-carbohydrate

diets, and low-fat diets. Crash or fad diets are diets that require extreme and rapid

changes to one’s diet. (Almendrala, 2016) There are also other diets which cannot

be grouped such as: blood type diet, eat-clean diet, alkaline diet, low carbon diet or

locavore, organic diet, and others. Locavore diet describes eating food locally

produced, thus reducing the greenhouse gasses. Low carbon diet is like the

locavore diet, as it based on reducing the carbon foot print by eating food produced

only in a small radius, such as within 100 miles. (Priebe, n.d.)

Organic food diet is based on food produced without any chemical fertilizers,

genetic modifications, or food additives.

Dietary choice: No specific diet, but a mix out of different diets: locally grown,

small portion, rich in healthy fats, green vegetables, eggs, chicken.

Dinner plate:

Type of protein – Chicken, which is low on Megajoules, and has the lowest

amount of CO2 of the three meats. ( Carlsson-Kanyama, 2004)

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