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You have been assigned the task of designing a database for one of your clients. After reviewing the system requirements, your analyst gives you the following information. Based upon what you see here, design the required database. Please show the following: A. Overall system entity relationship diagram (E/R) in the unnormalized form. B. The entity relationship diagram (E/R) in the fully normalized form. C. It would probably be helpful to show the steps you went through to get from the unnormalized form to the fully normalized form. D. A list of all business assumptions you are using in making your diagrams. The client is responsible for maintaining a communication network and seeing to it that the network is up at all times. To accomplish this, your client owns antenna towers throughout the state. However, over 50% of their locations are leased from private land owners to whom they pay monthly rent. In some of the cases, the land is owned by several owners and rent has to be paid to all of them. For each tower, your client needs to have information such as the GIS coordinates of where the tower is located, the height of the tower, construction type, year built, etc.

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