Discuss at least TWO (2) logistics distribution problems occurred in the company;



You are required to provide information such as below:

 Introduction


- Company name and

- Briefly describe the distribution of the products;

 Discuss at least TWO (2) logistics distribution problems occurred in the company;

- Higher marks will be awarded to students that are able to discuss about the rules and

safety requirements that govern the movement of goods in the local or international

physical distribution;

 Provide solutions or suggestions to the problems with the relevant strategy and illustrate

on its application; and

 Conclusion


Individual Report


Suggest that you choose a product and decide on which country you want to export your products to, brief distribution method 


Distribution problems

Rules and regulations/health and safety procedures of the selected foreign country

General problems are accepted too, but lower marks

As follows are some suggested sites:

 Australia (Department of Agriculture) http://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/

 Japan www.customs.go.jp/english/summary/import.htm

 Singapore (Agrifood & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) www.ava.gov.sg


Based on the contents discussed, provide solutions/suggestions for the distribution strategy (e.g. How to address the issue of perishability, planning ahead for documentations, to consider the use of freight

forwarders, hiring consultants, etc.).


Company Created: LEFISHO COMPANY

Product: Fresh Fish 

Countries: can be any country export to another one

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