Discuss how the COVID-19 (Corona virus) Pandemic impact businesses?





How does COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Practices




1.      Explain how the COVID-19 (Corona virus) Pandemic impact Consumer Behaviour? Give different examples. (40 Points)

2.      Discuss how the COVID-19 (Corona virus) Pandemic impact businesses? Give different examples to marketing strategies and practices that companies and brands develop during this crisis. (40 points)


Evaluation Details:

  • Both questions need to be explained and discussed by giving a variety of different examples.
  • In your answers, you need to explain by making use of different sources (e.g. reports, news articles, journal articles, websites...) and also include your own opinions and perspectives. 
  • The homework needs to be submitted via Blackboard. Homework that is sent through other means such as mail will not be accepted.
  • You can do the homework alone or in groups of max 2 students.
  • Deadline for the homework: 18 May 2020. If the submission is later there will be a mark down.
  • The references need to be included at the end of the report.
  • The homework will be checked with safe assign for plagiarism.


Assessment Criteria:

  • Format and organization of the report and use of references: 10 points
  • On time submission: 10 Points
  • Content: 80 Points (when evaluating the content, points mentioned in above stated evaluation details will be considered, such as number and variety of examples, usage of related sources and references, answering the two questions clearly, and also including own comments in discussion)

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