Electric Transport Services assignment



Electric Transport Services

Introduction to Transport Services

Shared by the general public, everyone requires public transportation in todays era! It satisfies

people in all classes in an economy. And there is always a growing need every year in public

transport services. From cabs and buses to metro trains, countries are always looking to expand

their transport facilities. Along with its growing demands, public transportation poses a

significant growth for an economy.

In regards to transportation with Oman, there is only a limited transpiration services as Oman

has not conveyed smart railway systems (e.g.: Metros). The two transpiration services that is

offered by Oman:

ONTC Bus and mini-bus services


As transportation means “car” in Oman, there is a growing problems in traffic congestion, and

there is need to use smart services that can help commune in Oman.

Problems with Public Transportation in Oman

Limitation is the biggest worry, with the Taxi drivers do not charge the right fares, and everyone

ends with negotiation. This creates a bad symbol for tourists who visit Oman and taxi is the only

way for them to commute. Yes, there are public buses, but these are used only to move between


The problems with Omani transportation services are:


No Fixed taxi fares

No smart applications to monitor travels between destinations

Limited services for the public to commute

Traffic congestion

Accidents (Oman has a high rate of traffic accidents)

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