Healthy U is a chain of pharmacy stores operating across the republic of Ireland.

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Assignment: Healthy U is a chain of pharmacy stores operating across the republic of Ireland. Head office of Healthy U have decided to replace the current variety of computer systems installed across the pharmacy stores with one centralized system accessible across the web. While the initial focus is on providing a data and process management service for the stores, it is envisaged that once this is in place additional services can be provided for doctors, hospitals and patients, with the necessary security restrictions. You have been tasked with conducting an initial requirements analysis for this system. The pharmacy’s processing of patient information and prescriptions is outlined in detail below: When a customer arrives to purchase prescription drugs, the pharmacist asks for their name and address. If the customer is new, the pharmacist creates a new customer account and enters customer name, address, and date account created. Additionally, customers may provide a telephone number, e-mail address, and other relevant information. The system keeps data on every drug and medication stocked in the pharmacy. This data includes the commercial name, the generic name, the supplier, a description, the names of generic equivalent drugs, and the unit cost of the drug or medication. The date the product became available on the market is also entered. If a drug is withdrawn from the market, its record is maintained and the date withdrawn is recorded. Each time a pharmacist fills a prescription, they enter details of the customer, the physician who issued the prescription, the date the prescription was issued by the physician, the date the prescription was filled, and the prescription status (Filled, Part Filled, or Filled For Pick-up). For each item in the prescription, they also record the prescribed drug or medication, quantity, and instructions given to the customer. If the pharmacy does not have required items in stock, the prescription is part filled. When the missing items come into stock, the customer is notified. The remainder of the prescription is filled, the related records updated, and the prescription status set to Filled. The pharmacy records the payment method (cash, cheque or card) and amount paid for each prescription. If the customer pays by card (credit or debit), they also record the customer’s card number and expiry date. After payment, the pharmacist issues a receipt. The pharmacy submits regular orders to various suppliers of drugs and medications, based on postal and online catalogues listing all new products. Every submitted order details the items ordered and order quantities. When the order is fulfilled, it is accompanied by a packing slip detailing in full the commercial name of the drug, generic name of the drug, a description of the drug, its unit cost, and quantity delivered. The packing slip is checked against the original order and used to update the pharmacy’s drugs and medications records. The pharmacy also keeps records on all the registered physicians registered where the store is located. If a customer presents a prescription from a new physician, the pharmacist creates a new physician record, which includes the physician’s name, address, and other available details. The pharmacy also needs the capability to generate various reports, such as customer prescriptions, payment reports, lists of part-filled prescriptions, as well as lists of drugs based on various criteria including the date they came to market, supplier, current stock level, unit price, description, and so on.

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