Here is an individue assignment of economices.



Assignment for TECO401 the Principle of Economics

This assignment is an individual essay with 2000 words in length and will contribute

15% to your final mark in this unit.

The student is required to select a newspaper/web article (not older than 3 months) for

an economic analysis, and apply Macroeconomics theory to explain and analyze the

article. The copy of the article showing source must be included with the analysis.

The written assessment is to be in a 12-point font 1.5 spaced with clear printing quality.

Single sided print and allow generous margins permitting comment if applicable from

the marker. Papers should be stapled in the left top corner; heavy single sheet pocket

folders are not acceptable and will be discarded.

Structure and citation of sourced work with references are to comply with scholarly

conventions. Harvard system is preferred. A useful site if unsure what reference style

is required is

Please assure a thorough edit and spell check using English (Australian). Silly errors,

typographical mistakes, and poor spelling detract will be penalized.

The Possible Topics Can be As Follows

 GDP growth in China or India (or the Comparison between the GDP growth in

China and India or other developing countries)

 Unemployment in Australia (or the Comparison of the unemployment rate

between Australian and US or Europe)

 Inflation in China (or India) and Australia

 The Relationship between Unemployment and Inflation Rate

 The Poverties in China, India and other Developing Countries

 RBA, Monetary Policy, and Economic Growth

 Exchange Rate Between China and Australia (or Exchange Rate between the US

and Australia, Exchange Rate between the US and China)

Marking Guide for Assignment

1. Introduction 8%

2. The content of the topics 40%

3. Development of the topics 30%

4. Conclusion 7%

5. Reference 10%

6. Format 5%

Total 100%

1. Introduction

8 marks 4 marks

 Demonstrated a clear introduction to  Demonstrated a brief introduction to

the essay the essay

2. The content of the Topics

40 marks 25 marks 15 marks 5 marks

 Well- defined  Usually defined  Not always  Did not define

Macroeconomics Macroeconomic well-defined Macroeconomic

cs concepts s concepts well Macroeconomic cs concepts

whenever the cs concepts well

concepts are


 Appropriately  Apply  Not always 

apply the Macroeconomic apply Did not apply

Macroeconomics s theories to Macroeconomics Macroeconomic

cs theories to explain the c theories to c theories to

explain topics in the explain the explain the

in the essay topics topics

 Employs the 

appropriate Use appropriate  

graphic Not always use Did not use

illustrations in graphic appropriate

most cases illustrations graphics

well illustrations

3. Development of the topics

30 Marks 20 Marks 10 Marks

 Clear linkages, well-  Most links between  Inadequate evidence of

structured the sub- each subtopic and linkages of subtopics

topics and well adequately explained

explained the sub-


 Appropriately used  Used some research  Did not use research

research materials or materials or evidence material or pieces of evidence

evidence to support to support you to support you

your arguments arguments arguments

4. Conclusion

7 marks 4 marks

 Demonstrated an excellent summary  Demonstrated a good summary for the

for the essay essay

5. References

10 marks 5 marks

 Appropriately used Harvard reference  Did not appropriately use reference

system system

6. Format

5 marks 2.5 marks

 Used appropriate academic format  Did not use appropriate academic


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