Imagine that you are assisting an attorney in the case who has requested that you research the specific focus area and provide a concise report to inform the court about the topic.



Be sure to review the Final Project Case Studies and Writing Example found in this Week’s Learning Resources. Required cases and possible focus subjects: Jodi Arias, convicted of killing her boyfriend Battered woman’s syndrome Base your paper on the research you gather and not on your opinion. You may use both popular and scholarly references. Refer to this week’s Learning Resources that explain the proper use of scholarly and non-scholarly resources. Use APA format, in text and in the reference list. Ensure that you have minimal writing errors. Final paper length: 10–12 pages total plus title page, abstract, and bibliography. Final paper structure: Brief biographical summary (2–3 paragraphs) Introduction to the issue to be discussed Summary of the current scholarly research about the issue Conclusion (1–3 paragraphs) . Please ensure originality because my professor will check for plagiarism.

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