In Module 5 you were introduced to Michael Porter’s Five Forces Framework and Aidan Vining’s modifications to use in applying the framework to the public sector.



Module 6 Overview

In Module 5 you were introduced to Michael Porter’s Five Forces Framework and Aidan Vining’s modifications to use in applying the framework to the public sector. In this module you are asked to apply the Five Forces Framework for strategy to an actual public sector organization. The application of the Five Forces Framework will incorporate the suggestions of modifications by Aidan Vining
in his 2011 article.

Due to the range of moving parts in this model you will need to do a detailed analysis. The systematic consideration of the external forces requires that you research in-depth an actual public sector organization.

In addition you will need to consider how these external forces interact with the internal operations of the organization.

While there are only 10 pages of required reading, please expect that (as with last week) this reading will require several hours to complete. The emphasis in this module is your application of the reading to an actual organization. The goal of this module is for you to analyze how well the organization strategy you choose connects and aligns the internal operations with the forces of the external environment.

Module 6: Discussion: Major Modifications

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Select one of the major modifications that Vining suggests. Do you agree with the modification? If yes, why? If not, why not? Is there anything you wish was explained more clearly regarding the modification?

Also please make a respond to the class mate discussion which i used as an example on how you answer to the assignment should be.  on the attached word doc 

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